• Errors that static code analysis does not find because it is not used

      Readers of our articles occasionally note that the PVS-Studio static code analyzer detects a large number of errors that are insignificant and don't affect the application. It is really so. For the most part, important bugs have already been fixed due to manual testing, user feedback, and other expensive methods. At the same time, many of these errors could have been found at the code writing stage and corrected with minimal loss of time, reputation and money. This article will provide several examples of real errors, which could have been immediately fixed, if project authors had used static code analysis.

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    • PHP microservices framework — Swoft 2.0.3 published


      What is Swoft?

      Swoft is a PHP microservices coroutine framework based on the Swoole extension. Like Go, Swoft has a built-in coroutine web server and a common coroutine client and is resident in memory, independent of traditional PHP-FPM. There are similar Go language operations, similar to the Spring Cloud framework flexible annotations, powerful global dependency injection container, comprehensive service governance, flexible and powerful AOP, standard PSR specification implementation and so on.

      Through three years of accumulation and direction exploration, Swoft has made Swoft the Spring Cloud in the PHP world, which is the best choice for PHP's high-performance framework and microservices management.

      Elegant service governance

      Swoft officially recommends that developers use service mesh patterns, such as the Istio/Envoy framework, to separate business and service governance, but Swoft also provides a set of microservices components for small and medium-sized businesses to quickly build microservices.

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