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Controlling Brushless Motors using Raspberry PI

Robotics development *Development for IOT *Development for Raspberry Pi *Robotics IOT

In this video tutorial, we will control a pair of brushless motors from a Raspberry PI computer. We will use one of the computer's USB ports to connect a network of brushless motor controllers. We will power the computer, the controllers, and the brushless motors using a single battery, similar to a autonomous vehicle design.

The first motor is an outrunner type, a kind of what you would use for a vehicle propulsion. The bigger motor comes with a quadrature encoder which means it can be used as a powerful servo.

I made a cable to power my set up. On one end, the cable has a socket for plugging the battery. The cable splits into a two parallel parts to power the controllers, and the Raspberry PI. The bottom part of the cable further splits to power a pair of brushless motor controllers.
By the way, the controllers need 7 to 60 Volts DC. I put proper connectors at the ends of the cable, so that I could just plug it into the controllers.

Servosila brushless motor controllers come in rectangular or circular form factors. The controllers have USB and CANbus ports for connecting to control computers such as Raspberry PI.

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PVS-Studio team's kanban board. Part 2: YouTrack

PVS-Studio corporate blog Development Management *Project management *

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part of the PVS-Studio Team's Kanban Board story. This time we'll talk about YouTrack. You'll learn why we chose and implemented this task tracker and what challenges we encountered. We don't want to advertise or criticize YouTrack. Nevertheless, our team thinks JetBrains has done (and keeps doing) a great job.


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Optimization of .NET applications: a big result of small edits

PVS-Studio corporate blog .NET *C# *


Today we're going to discuss how small optimizations in the right places of the application can improve its performance. Imagine: we remove the creation of an extra iterator in one place, get rid of boxing in the other. As a result, we get drastic improvements because of such small edits.

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Choosing a server for 1000 WebRTC streams

Flashphoner corporate blog System administration *Working with video *IT Infrastructure *DevOps *

In any project, a great deal of importance is placed on the selection of server hardware and WebRTC streaming is no exception. One of the key principles of such a selection is balance – the hardware should be powerful enough to handle the streams with no drops in quality, but not too powerful so as to waste resources. So, how does one choose the right server?

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VSCode: how to view reports of static analyzers that support SARIF

PVS-Studio corporate blog Visual Studio *

People increasingly start optimizing the process of finding code errors using static analyzers. Nowadays, we can choose from a variety of products to view analysis results. This post covers the ways how to view an analyzer report in the most stylish and feature-rich IDE among multifunctional ones – VSCode. The SARIF format and a special plugin for it allow us to perform our task. Keep reading to find out about this. Let's get going!

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How to see and save Instagram requests on an android device

Reverse engineering *

Once I was asked to save a traffic dump of an Instagram app while viewing one particular user profile. Simply saving the traffic dump on the router didn't make sense because the app used TLS to communicate with the server. Existing solutions didn't work because they worked with an older version of Instagram.

Below I will describe how I managed to do it myself using mitmproxy, ghidra and frida.

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Improving the quality and formatting of the code in the TypeScript

JavaScript *Node.JS *Start-up development TypeScript *

With the help of the ESLint and Prettier features, you can automate the formatting of your code, make it more expressive and accurate, correspond to specific rules, and avoid errors and bottlenecks even before uploading the code to the shared source storage...

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Unfinished startups — the AELITA project

AR and VR Medical gadgets Lifehacks for geeks

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I spent a long time thinking about whether or not I should write stories like this from the lives of innovators. After all, revealing the essence of unfinished project means you can lose the very foundation of the project, its pizazz and even its know-hows. Moreover, that's already happened to me in one of my projects from 10 years ago. I'm not going to give an example of this situation, it's already been talked about in another article. The story is on this site: intersofteurasia.ru/novosti/605/606.html.

However, considering that modern progress can't be stopped and that sooner or later some curious minds will get to the bottom of a technical solution for something like this, I decided to lift the veil a little bit on the secret life of an innovator.

Be it noted that this unfinished project with the provisional name AELITA is somewhat of a cross between biomedicine, electronics, psychology and much more, so getting it done isn't exactly easy. After all, for projects like this you need enthusiastic people working in different, sometimes diametrically opposed fields of science and technology, but an interdisciplinary approach is capable of giving surprising results if projects like it are completed.
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Go Code Generation from OpenAPI spec

Programming *Go *

OpenAPI specification

One of the nicest features of Go is the power of code generation. go generate command serves as a Swish knife allowing you to generate enums, mocks and stubs. In this article, we will employ this feature to generate a Go code from OpenAPI specification. OpenAPI specification is a modern industrial standard for REST API. This standard has fantastic tooling support and allows you to conveniently render and validate the spec. We are going to befriend the power of Go code generation with the elegance and clarity of the OpenAPI specification. In this way, you don't have to manually update the Go boilerplate code after every change in the spec. You also ensure that your docs and your code are a single entity, as your code is being begotten from the docs.

Let's start dead-simple: we have a service that accepts order requests. Let's declare endpoint order/10045234 that accepts PUT requests, where 10045234 is an ID of a particular order. We expect to receive an order as a JSON payload in the following format.

    {"item":  "Tea Table Green", "price":  106}

How can describe this endpoint in the OpenAPI spec?

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PVS-Studio for JetBrains CLion: ad astra per aspera

PVS-Studio corporate blog C++ *

The PVS-Studio analyzer already has plugins for such IDEs from JetBrains as Rider, IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. Somehow we missed another IDE - CLion. The time has come to make amends! But why would you need PVS-Studio if CLion already has the code analyzer? What problems appeared during development? Keep reading to find answers to these questions.

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Static analysis protects your code from time bombs

PVS-Studio corporate blog C *

Static code analysis allows you to identify and eliminate many defects at an early stage. Moreover, it's possible to detect dormant errors that don't show themselves when they appear. They can cause many problems in the future and it requires many hours of debugging to detect them. Let's look at an example of such a dormant error.

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Checking BitTorrent in honor of the 20th anniversary. Time == quality

PVS-Studio corporate blog Open source *C++ *

Couple of weeks ago (or to be more precise, on July 2, 2021), the legendary BitTorrent protocol turned twenty years old. Created by Bram Cohen, the protocol has been developing rapidly since its inception, and has quickly become one of the most popular ways to exchange files. So why not check out a couple of long-lived related projects with the PVS-Studio analyzer for Linux?


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Building an Arduino based RFID Emulator

RUVDS.com corporate blog Information Security *Programming microcontrollers *Developing for Arduino *DIY

This project is aimed at creating an experimental device for emulating RFID labels of three widely available components. I simplified the explanation of the process so that it could be easily replicated. I also developed some helpful ideas along the way, including writing a special program for converting a serial number into the transmitted data, which will definitely prove useful.
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You don't know Redis (Part 2)

Website development *JavaScript *NoSQL *ReactJS *Serverless *

In the first part of You don't know Redis, I built an app using Redis as a primary database. For most people, it might sound unusual simply because the key-value data structure seems suboptimal for handling complex data models.

In practice, the choice of a database often depends on the application’s data-access patterns as well as the current and possible future requirements.

Redis was a perfect database for a Q&A board. I described how I took advantage of sorted sets and hashes data types to build features efficiently with less code.

Now I need to extend the Q&A board with registration/login functionality.

I will use Redis again. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, I want to avoid the extra complexity that comes with adding yet another database.

Secondly, based on the requirements that I have, Redis is suitable for the task.

Important to note, that user registration and login is not always about only email and password handling. Users may have a lot of relations with other data which can grow complex over time.

Despite Redis being suitable for my task, it may not be a good choice for other projects.

Always define what data structure you need now and may need in the future to pick the right database.

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The way we made an external PCIe RAM disk based on the DDR memory

High performance *Cloud computing *Data storage *Computer hardware Data storaging

RAM disk, this is a disk based on RAM memory chips. This kind of disk is not able to retain data after the power is turned off (unless a supporting battery is used), but has an exceptionally high read/write speed (especially for random access) and an unlimited lifespan. It is important in tasks that need a lot of cycles to write over information, even professional SSD drives don’t live long. To the operating system the RAM disk is indistinguishable from an SSD or HDD disk and no special drivers or setup is required. Unlike a disk that is virtually located in the computer’s RAM memory, where the maximum memory capacity is limited to 128-256 GB in the best consumer motherboards, a RAM disk for a PCIe slot, in general, has no volume limits and can work in any MB with a PCIe slot.

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RS485 — a standard for industrial networks. What are the main features of the transceiver microcircuit?

Миландр corporate blog Circuit design *Manufacture and development of electronics *Electronics for beginners Systems engineering

When building a network for communication between a large number of devices, one may think: what interface to choose? Each interface has its own pros and cons that determine its application: CAN — Automotive, RS485 / RS232 — Industrial, Ethernet — Consumer Electronics / Server. What features of the transceiver microcircuit help to protect against many problems during installation and operation? How is the process of measuring and researching of transceiver microcircuits going on? New RS485 microcircuit is ready to get to market!
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