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Amvera — облако для хостинга IT-приложений

Best hosting for applications on Python, Java, Node. js, Go, Dotnet, PHP and Ruby

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The following types of hosting and clouds can be distinguished for application deployment:

  • VPS

  • Serverless

  • GitOps application engines

In this article we will not consider VPS hosting, since there are many detailed materials about this.

Let's look at application engines and serverless.

There are a number of clouds that allow you to deploy an application simply by pushing it to a dedicated Git repository.

App hosting

Among the Russian services, Amvera Cloud can be distinguished

  1. Amvera Cloud - allows you to deploy and update applications via push to the master branch of a dedicated or linked repository, or by dragging and dropping files in the interface. There is built-in support for environments such as Python, Java, Node.JS, Dotnet, Go, Ruby, Dockerfile and others. It is possible to create a PostgreSQL cluster and other databases with one button. Upon registration, 111 rubles are credited. for the test. Payment by Russian card is possible. In Amvera you can deploy telegram and discord bots, as well as any other applications. Tariffs start from 170 rubles. per application.

  1. Heroku is a pioneer in GitOps clouds, the first to implement deployment mechanics via git push. Tariffs start from $5. There is support for most programming languages.

  2. Clever Cloud is a French company that largely replicates the functionality of Heroku.

  1. Application engines from Azure, GCE, AWS and Digital Ocean. Allows you to easily deploy applications in virtual machines of these providers.

If we consider serverless solutions, it is worth highlighting

  1. Serverless from Yandex Сloud. Under certain conditions, you can host an application for free if the number of requests for it is small.

  2. Serverless applications from Azure, GCE and AWS.

We will analyze hosting for application deployment

How much will it cost to host an app such as a telegram bot that consumes 300 MB of RAM?

  1. Amvera Cloud - 290 rub. (~3$ per month)

  2. Heroku - 25 $ per month

  3. Clever Cloud - 6 euro per month

  4. Application engines from Azure, GCE, AWS and Digital Ocean - The engines themselves work for free, but you have to pay for virtual machines, which start at

  5. Serverless from Yandex Сloud - from 0 to 30" class="formula inline"> per month depending on the number of requests

  6. Serverless applications from Azure, GCE and AWS  - from 0 to 30$ per month depending on the number of requests


  • If you only have a Russian card, either Amvera Cloud or Yandex Сloud will be a good choice.

  • If you want to save money and have a small load, the cheapest option is to use Serverless solutions. But as the load increases, they become very expensive.

  • If your application is actively running and you don’t want to overpay, choose Amvera Cloud.

  • If you use the application as part of the infrastructure of one of the cloud providers, it is logical to deploy it through the application engine in Azure, GCE or AWS.

In this article, we examined only the most basic options in order to show the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and individual provider.

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