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О том, как разработчики строят IT в Dodo

Dodo Brands has launched the Dodo IS App Store for developers

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Hello, this is us, the Dodo Engineering development team. For the past 12 years, we have been developing a business management information system for Dodo Pizza, Drinkit, and Doner 42 restaurants. During this time, we have been very independent and have done everything ourselves.

However, pizzerias are growing, soon surpassing 1000, and restaurants are opening in new countries. Startups are scaling up as well. We are receiving more and more requests from partners for customization, which creates a widening gap between their demands and our capabilities.

That's why we are giving independent developers, external vendors, and partners the opportunity to expand the capabilities of our platform.

The Dodo IS Marketplace is a space where developers can find customers for their applications, and partners can place their orders and quickly receive extra functionality. In the marketplace, you can publish and promote your applications. They can be paid, freemium (with in-app purchases), or completely free but with paid support.

These applications can include customized motivation screens, shift manager widgets, fingerprint and retina scanner integrations, autonomous delivery, and anything that can improve QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) business management.

We provide an open API, all the tools for quick development startup, product expertise, and access to our partners and business. What we need from you are solutions that will make our system even better.

If you have some innovative ideas or pet projects, please email us at marketplace@dodois.io.

Here are a few applications already available in our store:

  • TV board with customers feedback

  • App supports label printing at the packaging station and cold kitchen

  • Notifications about stops, tickets, and employee birthdays

New requests from partners are constantly emerging. At the moment we have seven more applications under development, and this is just the beginning. In a few years, our partners will be able to assemble your own Dodo IS like a construction set. The applications you create now will be used worldwide. As our business grows, the number of users for your applications will also increase.

Join our team and follow us on marketplace news. If you want to discuss your pet project or app idea, contact Dmitriy Pavlov at marketplace@dodois.io.

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