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Things you need to know should you want to switch from PHP to Python

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Did you ever think that one day you had got into PHP web programming too quickly?
Several years have passed already, you have gained a lot of experience and can’t think of any other ways to work with web but PHP. Perhaps, you sometimes doubt the choice you have made, but are unable to confirm your doubts here and now. At the same time, you need real examples; you want to understand the changes that may occur in particular aspects of your work.

Today I will try to answer the following question: "What if we use Python instead of PHP?".

I have asked this question myself many times. I have been using PHP for 11 years already and am a certified PHP specialist. I have mastered it so it works just the way I want. I was really puzzled by several articles that criticized PHP severely (PHP: a fractal of bad design). However, when chance came, I switched to Ruby and then to Python. Eventually, I chose the latter. Now I will try to explain how we Python guys live out there.

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