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i liked performance and benchmarks section because it help me to understand the performance implications of asynchronous programming in C++.

The in-depth coverage of PostgreSQL 17 developmentshttps://iqratechnology.com/academy/sql-training/sql-comments/ This article is commendable. The breakdown of new features and improvements, such as the removal of the old_snapshot_threshold parameter, the introduction of event_triggers, and the addition of new functions like to_bin and to_oct, offers valuable insights for database administrators and developers.

The article's clarity in explaining technical details, accompanied by practical examples, makes it accessible to both experienced PostgreSQL users and those new to the system. The emphasis on optimization, like the enhanced planner estimates for the WindowAgg node and the parallel recovery improvements in pg_restore, showcases the commitment to performance enhancements.

The inclusion of real-world applications, such as the audit of connections without authentication and the introduction of the pg_stat_subscription column worker_type, demonstrates the practical implications of these PostgreSQL 17 features.

Overall, this article serves as an informative and engaging resource for anyone interested in staying updated on the latest developments within the PostgreSQL ecosystem. Great work by the author in presenting a comprehensive overview of PostgreSQL 17's progress.https://iqratechnology.com/academy/sql-training/sql-comments/

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