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SIEM Solutions Overview (Security Information and Event Management)

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Modern corporate IT infrastructure consists of many systems and components. And monitoring their work individually can be quite difficult — the larger the enterprise is, the more burdensome these tasks are. But there are the tools, which collect reports on the work of the entire corporate infrastructure — SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system in one place. Read the best of such products according to Gartner experts in our review, and learn about the main features from our comparison table.
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How to prevent targeted cyber attacks? 10 best network sandboxes

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Targeted attacks are the most dangerous among the multitude of modern cyber threats. They are also known as ATP (an abbreviation which stands for Advanced Persistent Threat). Those are not viruses that can accidentally get into the computer due to user's carelessness. Neither it is an attempt to replace the address of a popular site in order to cheat billing information from credulous users. Targeted cyber attacks are prepared and thought out carefully and pose a particular threat.
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