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Can you tell more about work on Sin Episodes: Emergence?
I personally believe the game level design was great, still remember the high rise with elevators and a vistas on Freeport city bay.
Are there any level designers which you can name as your followers or pupils?
I'm afraid SiN and SiN Episodes are in the hands of Mumbo Jumbo. They bought Ritual in 2007 and have not done anything with the property. I have been retired since 2008, so I have no idea what they will do with future products. It is a pity, I know :(
It was very interesting to learn about that era, thanks for your work. Great!
Elegant solution with floor above floor.
I think I know how I'll spend my next weekend :)
Thanks for everything you gave us. Oh, all these hours!

I tried a bit of level making myself and while I enjoyed it a lot it also helped me appreciate immense attention to detail and atmosphere put into the original levels. This is art.
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