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Real world metaverses are here. You just have to know where to look. One of Sber AR/VR Lab projects of 2021

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Hi! I am Aleksey Rybakov, Product Owner at Sber ARVR Lab. 

And before telling you what we have achieved, let me explain the meaning of this article’s heading. Or more so, explain the word “metauniverse”. This term was well-described by Mark Zuckerburg: “Metauniverse is internet implemented, where instead of looking at internet, you are inside of it.” Like a parallel universe, which you can enter yourself with AR/VR gadgets or through a 3D-avatar.

In other words, a metauniverse is simultaneously a virtual space and a way of engaging with its objects without the common “screen + keybord/mouse/sensor” medium. 

And yes, metauniverses are here. But to get into one, you’ll need a few things. First, you need to know where to look. We will talk about that later when depicting a curious case in Moscow. Second, you need a technology that will help connect the virtual world with the real one. We will talk about that as well. 

Now, let me introduce: VPS.

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ruDALL-E: Generating Images from Text. Facing down the biggest computational challenge in Russia

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Multimodality has led the pack in machine learning in 2021. Neural networks are wolfing down images, text, speech and music all at the same time.  OpenAI is, as usual, top dog, but as if in defiance of their name, they are in no hurry to share their models openly.  At the beginning of the year, the company presented the DALL-E neural network, which generates 256x256 pixel images in answer to a written request.  Descriptions of it can be found as articles on arXiv and examples on their blog.  

As soon as DALL-E flushed out of the bushes, Chinese researchers got on its tail.  Their open-source CogView neural network does the same trick of generating images from text.  But what about here in Russia? One might say that “investigate, master, and train” is our engineering motto.  Well, we caught the scent, and today we can say that we created from scratch a complete pipeline for generating images from descriptive textual input written in Russian.

In this article we present the ruDALL-E XL model, an open-source text-to-image transformer with 1.3 billion parameters as well as ruDALL-E XXL model, an text-to-image transformer with 12.0 billion parameters which is available in DataHub SberCloud, and several other satellite models.

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Sberbank Online iOS testing

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Theory of testing is usually differs from practice. Today we want to talk about our practical experience in testing application's code which is used by millions of iOS users and about the difficult path that our team finished in order to achieve stable code.

Let’s imagine: the developers successfully convinced themselves and the business of the need to cover the code with tests. Over time, in the project were created more than a dozen thousand unit- and more than a thousand UI-tests. Such a large test base araised several problems, and we successfully found the solution for them.
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Custom instruments: When signpost is not enough

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In our previous article, we discussed the reasons of unit-tests’ instability and how to make them stable. Now let’s look through a new tools for debugging and profiling which were introduced by Apple in iOS 12 — the framework os_log and instrument for performance analysis os_signpost.


In one of the sprints, we were tasked with implementing the generation of a pdf-document on the client-side. We completed the task. But we wanted to make sure the effectiveness of the technical nuances of the decision. Signpost helped us with this. Using it we increased he document’s displaying speed several times.

To learn more about os_signpost application technology, see where it can help you and how it has already helped us, go further forward.
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Signpost: When Breakpoints are not Enough

Reading time7 min

Instruments for Apple's Xcode is a tool for performance analysis of an iOS application. In 2018 Apple introduced Custom Instruments — an opportunity to expand the standard set of instruments for application profiling. When existing tools are not enough, you can create new ones yourself — it will collect, analyze and display the data the way you need.

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Open Source developer's life in GIFs

Reading time2 min
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. Our team in Sbertech teaches Sberbank efficient work with Free & Open Source Software. You can read more about this on Habr (what we exactly do, yet in Russian).

One of the main challenges is to open the mind of managers and engineers for using FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) properly. Because we have a lot of them, we have tried to use GIFs for answer the most common questions.


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