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Autodesk Showed New Capabilities of Fusion 360 at the Autodesk University (AU) 2021 Conference

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Autodesk presented new capabilities of its Fusion 360 software, as well as a whole package of solutions for designers, engineers and manufacturers. The company also how these abilities can be utilized for faster and collaborative production. The improvements allow Autodesk to equip engineers, designers, manufacturers and innovators with modern tools needed for solving current issues. 

Reimagining how the companies design, plan and manufacture the products is not the easiest task. This is the reason why the transition to digital manufacturing is a slow process despite the majority of companies understanding its advantages. One of the caveats is that the digital tools are sometimes too complex, convoluted and isolated from each other with compatibility problems. The Autodesk team is aiming to change that with the help of Fusion 360 software solution. This cloud-based platform can be used for 3D modeling, CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB. 

New extensions for Fusion 360 for design and engineering analysis

Thanks to support of the extensions, the abilities of Fusion 360 platform can be nearly limitless. So the Autodesk team presents two new extensions for its software solution. The Product Design Extension and the Simulation Extension with the latter being used for engineering analysis. They bring new possibilities for modeling, design and engineering to the table. The release is expected in the beginning of 2022. 

The Product Design Extension offers cutting edge design tools for automation of the complex functional part manufacturing, such as lattice structures and element massives. Such processes are usually time consuming when done using the traditional 3D modeling methods.

It’s worth noting that the design times can be reduced with the help of 3D scanners, such as the EinScan Pro HD. 



The Simulation Extension is made for engineering analysis and offers the users an access to what modern analysis is capable of. Previously, these capabilities were offered on a paid basis. But now the designers and engineers can select the needed variants and find the solution that will allow them to reduce weight of the parts, as well as the amount of needed materials and improve the functional parameters of the products.

Such payment model of Fusion 360 offers both basic abilities, as well as technical extensions. It allows the users to pay only for needed additional functions. This approach is very convenient for designing consumer electronics, since it allows for greater cost control.

Logitech effectively uses the abilities of Fusion 360 in the field of industrial design for new gaming headsets development. 

Using Fusion 360 for designing the Logitech G435 series of wireless gaming headsets gave the company such advantages as the ability to rapidly prototype, use generative modeling, as well as organic integration into existing workflows.

Logitech is the leading developer of consumer electronics. One of their offerings: a family of multipurpose gaming headsets G435 , were designed with the help of Fusion 360. Logitech’s principal designer Seter Wu explained why Fusion 360 is more than just a design tool. The program is important for the Logitech production cycle since it makes rapid prototyping faster and offers access to a single data source that makes sharing information about changes in development easier across the whole company.

Autodesk aims to fulfill the needs of the users with the help of efficient compatibility with existing platforms and work processes, as well as simplifying working with new cloud-based tools and efficient usage of data. Logitech managed to successfully integrate Fusion 360 into existing design and development infrastructure without requiring complete rebuilding.

And this is just one of examples of what Fusion 360 have become: it’s a world-class cloud-based platform for design and manufacturing. It supports a complex approach to design, prototyping and manufacturing of consumer electronic devices as a part of a single continuous workflow. 

Fusion 360 will integrate Ansys modeling technology for optimization of the printed circuit boards production 

Ansys modeling technology will let Autodesk users utilize the error-checking function to find the issues in design and improve efficiency and result in better product quality.

Autodesk and Ansys presented their plans to make create fully integrated package of functions that will be integrated into Fusion 360 and based on their existing partnership. It will offer new functions for design, checking and validation of PCBs, which in turn will widen the abilities of software in the field of circuitry. 

This level of integration will allow the users to check and validate the PCB projects using the latest Ansys offerings. This will add the extended abilities for checking the projects of PCBs for meeting the existing standards and getting the real-time results of the electric parameters and how they comply with certifications. Moreover, the solution will help find and solve the issues which will result in higher quality of the products and less defects. This is how Fusion 360 will become a complex design and validation system. 

The results of the collaboration show that Fusion 360 has a potential for extendability. A software solution based on the Autodesk Forge system and its extensions are not limited to what Autodesk produces. The future of design must be flexible. The Autodesk team does not plan to do everything on its own, so they are happy to work with other industry leaders and integrate their solution into Fusion 360. .

New certification capabilities in the field of professional training, they are based on production roles apart from the tools 

Apart from making reliable tools for editing and manufacturing, Autodesk also works on the issue of lack of qualified experts in production. The plan includes launching a new certificate program for the experts that work with Fusion 360. New courses will provide four new certificates with the specialities of CNC operator and mechanic engineer. The programs are based on the Autodesk Certification System that was announced at the previous AU conference. 

The certificates provided by Autodesk meet the industry standards and show employers that a worker has a competent experience with needed tools and technologies and is also ready to work at new production roles that require the cross-communication skills that are the future. 

All of the new things mentioned above will bring Autodesk closer to bringing their mission to life: to equip the employers, novators and designers of the future with powerful digital tools and skills required to solve some of the most complex problems.

About Autodesk

Autodesk aims to change traditional design and manufacturing methods. Their technologies cover multiple industries and help the innovators from all around the world to solve both difficult and easy problems. From more eco-friendly building and AI-based products to more impressive CGI in the movies, the software solutions by Autodesk are helping to make the world a better place.

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