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Autodesk Conducted Premier Online Design and Construction Event

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Autodesk, a leader in the development of solutions for design, construction, development, production, animation and graphics, held an annual conference that brought together professionals from all over the world.

More than 350 sessions from world experts were held as part of Autodesk University 2021, with over sixty reports presented. Attendees were able to learn about the company's innovative solutions and approaches, connect with members of the community, learn how industry leaders improve their projects and grow their business using technology, and ask questions to Autodesk speakers.

Relevant topics

Today, the world is moving forward at a rapid pace in terms of decision-making and the introduction of advanced technologies in all industries and areas of life. The role of technology in the transformation of the design and construction industries is growing. There are tasks to create complex individual projects that involve an end-to-end integrated approach, issues of transition to modular construction, and objectives on sustainable development. All these topics were covered as a common subject in the talks of the key speakers of the company. In particular, the visitors were able to find out what automation and digitalization tools are used, what is planned to be utilized in the prefabrication development, get information about a set of tools and approaches for automating the process of codifying a model according to the CSI classifier, and learn everything about the latest industry trends.

New platform features

Autodesk helps innovators around the world create and build a better world with a technology platform, enabling them to focus on the problems they want to solve — not on what tool they want to use. Attendees at AU 2021 saw what new opportunities the Autodesk technology platform is going to provide to businesses and users in 2022.

Success stories

Separate sessions of the event were dedicated to presentations by companies that are already successfully using Autodesk technologies. So, the city project talked about the nuances and difficulties they had to face and solve. The Mosinzhproekt Institute shared its experience in using BIM technologies in the design and construction of the western section of the Big Circle Line of the Moscow Metro. RidgiGroup demonstrated the capabilities of modern BIM not only in the field of design but also in the field of operation of industrial facilities. This is only a small part of what was discussed at the event.

Master classes

Traditionally, more than 350 master classes from world experts are held for the participants of the event. AU 2021 is basically access to hands-on knowledge and top-tier classes based on the real experience of companies from various industries. Technical knowledge from key experts, the search for solutions to specific business problems and, of course, a look into the future and the search for prospects.

Autodesk Community

Founded fourteen years ago, the Autodesk Community brings together customers, partners, and employees who learn from each other, develop their professional skills, and deploy innovations in their industries. Autodesk Community programs help users solve problems, share experiences, and achieve business value.

Today, Autodesk University is the perfect place to update current and make new professional contacts. Industry discussions and presentations with questions and answers allow visitors to feel part of the community, meet industry experts, and interact with other innovators.

Thanks to the digital online format of the event, Autodesk University was open for anyone regardless of the location. On the same dates, Top 3D Shop specialists held a webinar on the use of 3D scanning systems such as the Einscan HX, which also gathered quite a few people.




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