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CNIITMASH Manufactured a Batch of Large-Sized 3D Printed Metal Parts

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The experts of the Institute of the Russian Institute of Metallurgy and Machine-Building of the State Scientific Center JSC “RPA “CNIITMASH” produced a batch of large-format metal parts using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology. It was done for the United Engine Corporation (UEC).

The work was done with the help of the JSC Additive Technologies Center of Rostec, according to the Rosatom press-center. The batch of the products with a typical linear size larger than 600 mm and minimum wall thickness of 1 mm was made from a heat-resistant alloy. (Among available alternatives, the Modix 120X 3D printer has a comparable build volume, but is only capable of producing metal parts with the use of BASF products and after-print sintering). 

According to Artyom Yudin, Deputy Director at the Institute of Metallurgy and Machine-Building, the sintered products are the largest parts ever produced with Selective Laser Sintering in Russia. The parts were manufactured on the Russian-made Melt Master3D-550 3D printer designed by CNIITMASH with the usage of domestic sintering technology. He added that it was not the easiest work but the team is happy with the results.

Maxim Tyukavkin, Deputy Director of Operations at Atomenergomash, commented: “The successful collaboration between two state corporations, Rosatom and Rostec, is the most important step towards development and integration of new technologies into the real manufacturing sector. It brings to life the parts of the strategy of development of additive technologies in Russian Federation for the period until 2030. The roadmap was approved on July the 14th 2021”.

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