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Sinterit Unveils Compact SLS 3D Printer Lisa X

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The Polish company Sinterit has announced a new 3D printer based on selective laser powder sintering (SLS) technology. The Lisa X system features increased usable volume and ten times the performance of the previous Lisa Pro.

The new additive system is designed primarily for 3D printing with polyamide-12 powder with a vertical construction speed of up to 14 mm/h. It will take about 30 hours to process the whole build volume of 130 x 170 x 330 mm.

“Our third generation compact SLS 3D printer is made to speed up your innovation. We are still focused on delivering a whole SLS 3D printing solution, to make additive manufacturing useful and meaningful. With Lisa X this experience will be even better – faster prints and a bigger print volume answers the most common demands of the market,” commented Maxime Polesello, CEO of Sinterit.

The Lisa X is the fourth product in Sinterit's portfolio and the third in a line of relatively inexpensive compact SLS 3D printers of the Lisa family, the original Lisa having been launched in 2015 and the enhanced Lisa Pro (originally Lisa 2) in 2018.

As an example of the equipment capabilities, the company refers to the additive production of electrical connector batches: the build volume of the original Lisa is enough to produce 56 sets of 112 parts, and the process takes 103 hours. The Lisa Pro can handle 112 sets of 224 parts in 205 hours, while the Lisa X can produce 270 sets or 540 individual parts in just 28 hours.

Another example is 3D printing of an engine model with dimensions of 138 x 123 x 74 mm. It will take the Lisa 60 hours and 48 minutes to complete this task, while the Lisa X can print two such models in 21 hours and 30 minutes. Despite the obvious advantage of the new system in terms of performance, the company is not going to abandon the production of Lisa and Lisa Pro yet.

“All of our compact SLS 3D printers are in production, as they cover different needs. Lisa, our first model, is the most compact and most affordable SLS 3D printer, Lisa PRO guarantees a wide range of materials and an open environment, and the Lisa X adds fast printing time and a large working area,” explains Michał Grzymała-Moszczyński, Head of R&D and Co-Founder at Sinterit.

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

  • Build volume: 130 x 180 x 330 mm

  • Layer height: 75–175 µm

  • Z axis print speed: 10–14 mm/h

  • Laser power: 30W

  • Spot size: 650 µm

  • File formats: STL, 3MF, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

  • Dimensions: 650 x 610 x 1200 mm

  • Weight: 145 kg




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