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Creality CR-SCAN 01: Overview and Specs

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Chinese 3D printer maker Creality has announced the release of a highly-capable, cost-effective 3D scanner that is brand new.

The CR-Scan 01, Creality's newest scanning solution is a user-friendly device that nevertheless boasts premium specifications, and can capture details as small as 0.1mm of size. Because of its flexible settings, multiple-purpose abilities, and expanded scanning range, the device is very easy to use, while offering impressive accuracy and affordability. 

Creality claims that the CR-Scan 01 lets users capture objects in true color. 
Creality claims that the CR-Scan 01 lets users capture objects in true color. 

Accessible and efficient 3D scanning

Creality claims that the rising popularity of VR and AR technologies has resulted in an increased demand for user-friendly but capable 3D scanners. To address this need the company designed a new user interface for its CR-Scan 01. They claim it’s as simple to use, as so user-friendly, that it's “as simple as a fully-automatic washing machine” to operate. 

In reality it means that the device is equipped with automatic matching, meaning users can just press a button and use the device without the need to calibrate and mark the target objects. The device also operates in both turntable and handheld modes, providing users with the option to alter their approach according to the size of the object being scanned.

Creality says that its system can scan at least large objects that are 1.5 times wider than what traditional scanners are capable of. They add that it does so in a faster and smoother way without compromising on image quality, thanks to 24 bits restoration and light-filtering features. This also allows the device to work even in poorly-lit areas. 

Once users have completed scanning with CR-Scan 01, its accompanying processing software allows users to perform intricate model editing without difficulty. Most of the program’s features are actually automated. It’s capable of fill and color repair, substrate recognition and seamless denoising. Mesh simplification is another useful feature. 

Anyone who is considering purchasing Creality's most recent scanner can select between the standard or upgraded version. While both models come with a base unit and a flashlight, depth sensors and a projector, the ‘upgraded’ option features a turntable and tripod. It makes it more suited to advanced users looking to make the most of their equipment.

The CR-Scan 01 in action

To show the results you can achieve with the automated alignment algorithm of the scanner, Creality has captured a variety of items and uploaded its workflows on Youtube. Initially, the company's engineers decided to capture the table tennis bat and tumbler using the CR-Scan 01's turntable. They discovered that it was easy to preview the models before exporting them into slicing software.

After that, the group were able to alter the density of their infill designs by equipping the former with an empty head as well as a round base, which allowed it to wobble as a trinket ought to. After they had stripped off any supporting materials and painted their design and sculpted both objects to be well-constructed, functional and a bit amusing.

In a final demonstration of the device's capabilities, the team scanned a large-sized chair, then used the HALOT-ONE system to 3D print it into a miniature model for a doll's house. . Because of the CR Scan 01's precise matching algorithm, based on structural and color characteristics, the result was an accurate replica with matching details. The resolution was 0.5 mm. 

Technical specifications 

Scanner Size 

280 x 120 55 mm 

Scanning Accuracy 




Scanning Distance 


Scanning Range

0.3-2 meters (handheld mode), 0.3 - 0.5 meters (with a turntable) 

Frame Rate

10 fps

Scanning Area 

536 x 378 mm 

Output Format


Working Temperature 


If you're looking for a reverse-engineering solution capable of achieving accuracy levels of ≤0.05 mm, consider the EinScan SP. We use it for reverse-engineering services ourselves and it produces comparable results to the more professional systems such as Shining3D EinScan Pro HD.

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