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A Deep Dive into the Modix Big-120X 3D Printer

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The Modix Big-120X is the latest iteration of Modix’s large-format 3D printer, renowned for its substantial build volume and advanced features, making it a competitive choice in the extra-large 3D printer market​​.

What’s in the Box

The Modix Big-120X  package typically includes the printer kit with all necessary components for assembly. This often encompasses the frame, motion system, electronics, extruder, and hotend parts, along with assembly tools and detailed instructions. The package is designed to provide everything needed for setting up and starting to print.

Design and Build Quality

Modix has significantly enhanced the stability and sturdiness of the Big-120X. The printer's frame is constructed with robust 40 x 40 mm T-slot aluminum profiles, ensuring rigidity. These profiles are complemented by powder-coated, laser-cut aluminum brackets and joints, which contribute to the printer's durability and stability during operation. This robust construction is crucial for maintaining precision in large-format printing, where even slight movements can have a significant impact on print quality​​.

Performance Enhancements

The Big-120X  features several performance-enhancing components. Notably, it includes Hiwin MGW motion rails, which provide a wider rail and carriage than previous models. This enhancement ensures smoother and more stable motion, crucial for large prints. Additionally, the new quadruple geared Z-axis setup, which integrates four stepper motors each paired with a precision lead screw, allows for exceptional precision in layer height, down to 0.5 Micron. These improvements collectively boost the printer's performance, especially in producing fine details on large prints​​.

Modularity and Customization

The Modix Big-120X  design includes modularity and customization options. It offers an optional polycarbonate enclosure that works in tandem with standard 3 mm aluminum composite panels, forming the printer's body. This modular approach allows users to install additional components such as an external air filter, enhancing the printer's functionality and adaptability to various printing environments. The ability to add custom fixtures further increases its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial to creative projects​​.

Extruder and Printing Capabilities

The Modix Big-120X  is equipped with an E3D Titan Aero direct extruder and a Volcano hot end, enhancing its printing capabilities. This combination reduces the likelihood of clogging and offers broad compatibility with various nozzles, allowing for more diverse printing options. The printer supports a range of filament diameters and is capable of reaching temperatures up to 500 °C. This high-temperature range is particularly beneficial for printing industrial-grade materials that require higher melting points, expanding the printer’s material versatility​​.

Heated Print Bed

Featuring a 6.35 mm thick Mic6 cast aluminum plate, the Big-120X print bed can reach up to 120°C. The bed is equipped with a fully automatic leveling system that utilizes 200 probing points, a significant upgrade over previous versions. This advanced leveling system ensures precise calibration and uniform heating across the bed, improving adhesion and the overall quality of large prints​​.

Control and Connectivity

The Big-120X  includes a Duet3D 32-bit electronics board, which offers functionalities such as print resumption in case of a power outage and thermal runaway protection. These features enhance the safety and reliability of the printer. A 7-inch touchscreen provides an intuitive interface for users, simplifying the control and monitoring of print jobs. Additionally, the printer's WiFi module allows for remote operation through a PC or mobile phone, adding convenience and flexibility to the printing process​​.


The printer is compatible with various slicing software, providing users with flexibility in their workflow and file format compatibility. The integration of the Duet3D board further enhances the printer’s capabilities, offering advanced features like print resumption and thermal protection. These features contribute to a more robust and efficient printing experience, accommodating a wide range of user needs and preferences.


The Modix Big-120X  extensive build volume and precise printing capabilities make it an ideal choice for diverse applications across various fields. In industrial settings, it excels in prototyping and manufacturing, where its ability to create large and detailed components is invaluable. Its high-temperature extruder and wide material compatibility make it suitable for producing functional parts and complex assemblies.

Artists and designers can leverage its large-scale printing to bring ambitious and intricate projects to life, while educational institutions can utilize it for student projects and research, especially in engineering and design courses. The printer's versatility extends to architectural modeling, enabling the creation of detailed scale models.

The Modix Big-120X, with its combination of size, precision, and material versatility, is a valuable asset in professional workshops, design studios, and classrooms, supporting a wide range of creative and practical applications.


The Modix Big-120X stands out as a top contender in the large-format 3D printing market. Its combination of a large build volume, high-quality components, and versatile software compatibility makes it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists looking for reliable, large-scale printing solutions.

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