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New Dark Theme Available on Visual Studio App Center

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We are committed to building Visual Studio App Center for you. Thanks to you taking the time to request features via our Github repo, we are excited to announce that dark theme is available in App Center.

In the next few screens, you can get an idea of how App Center’s dark theme looks:

App Center Distribute in Dark theme

App Center Test in Dark theme

App Center Analytics in Dark theme

This article in our blog.

How to Get Started with Dark Theme

It’s never been this easy! For those dark theme fans, App Center will automatically default to your machine’s theme setting. However, you can change this in App Center at any time. Go to your account settings and click on User Interface. In that page, you can select Dark/Light theme as your preferred setting.

Dark theme configuration

Give Us Your Feedback

While we’ve spent the last couple of months in private preview identifying and fixing bugs for our dark theme, these changes touch all services across the product. So, we realize there are edge cases for unique configurations that might not yet have been encountered. We encourage the community to report any bug we might have missed while using it! To do so, you can reach out to us via support or our Github repo.
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