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That's a great, kind and inspiring article. Showing a bright side of things is a positive experience.
It has been brutal at times when I almost walked away

It would be most interesting to know about negative experiences as well, I'm sure 25 year veteran can share a bit of a wisdom about a dark side. But maybe it's for some other time/article.

While the article clearly gives tips how to get into gaming industry as an employee, I was really expecting some advice for people who already make games as a hobby for instance. E.g. so — I've made a game — how to make a profit?
How do you decide whether to continue a hopeless project or abandon it?

P.S. For a software developer — there is a wide choice of job opportunities, and frankly game development salaries in CIS are not very lucrative. Making games for living is more like a sacrifice for passion fulfillment and as responsibilities and expenses grow — pragmatic approach for software development is to drift away from games to a better/stable working conditions and salary.
Great questions GCU! The dark side, most of those experiences would involve revealing name, situations, companies, and such that are better left unknown :) Knowing any of them would not help anyone, anyways. THey were all very particular events that just went the wrong direction.

You're correct, your second would require a much longer set of recommendations :) I'm sorry to hear about salaries for programmers. They get very large salaries in the USA.
I'm sorry to hear about salaries for programmers. They get very large salaries in the USA.

In fact salaries for programmers are pretty good there too, not by US standards though :), but it's harder to get these in game development, than some enterprise sector for instance.

Of course there is no point in revealing names, situations or companies:
Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

P.S. Hope your lecture goes well — Saint Petersburg is a great place except for the weather sometimes — it snowed on May 3rd this year.
I have been to Saint Pete before a few times. Beautiful, beautiful city! Thank you for the nice words :)
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