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Uniz Launches Slash 2 Plus MSLA 3D Printers

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Uniz is accepting orders for an upgraded version of the Slash 2 desktop LCD/MSLA system characterized by increased performance. The devices are equipped with 4K monochrome screens along with advanced light engines, and are primarily targeted at the dental sector.

The transition from the first generation of Slash systems to the second was marked by the replacement of RGB screens with now-standard monochrome ones. At the same time, the resolution has increased: the next-gen systems, too, use 8.9-inch masks, but with a resolution of 4K instead of 2K, due to which the pixel size has decreased from 75 to 49.8 microns while maintaining the build volume of 192 x 120 x 200 mm.

The absence of filters allows for higher performance and sharpness due to improved light transmission. The upgraded Slash 2 Plus version basically differs from the original model by an additional increase in performance due to the use of a more powerful light module, coupled with a more efficient liquid cooling system — one of the hallmarks of this lineup.

Like its predecessors, the Slash 2 Plus uses the proprietary UV LED array, but the newer version delivers 3.4 W/cm^2. The manufacturer claims that the maximum productivity in the Z-axis has increased from 200 to 250 mm/h as a result. In practice, this means that 26 jaw models can be printed in less than an hour, with six seconds per layer and fully occupied build volume. The advanced liquid cooling system helps cope with the increased heat generation, thanks to which the lifespan of the light module is estimated at 5,000 hours minimum.

Additionally, the new product features a 4.3-inch touchscreen display. The connectivity remains the same: USB drive, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. The device uses the Uniz Dental slicer, which works with models of up to 1 GB and offers automatic distribution of models by usable volume, marking, and other functions.

Uniz Slash 2 Plus 3D printers are on sale for $3,599, with shipping already launched last month.

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