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SoonSer Offers Mars Pro Large-Format Resin 3D Printers

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The Chinese company SoonSer has released a line of industrial laser stereolithographic 3D printers under the name Mars Pro with build volumes of up to 1600 x 800 x 600 mm, which is comparable even to such giants as the Modix Big-Meter.

SoonSer is a subsidiary of the SoonSolid company which is renowned for the SprintRay 3D printer brand. The latter specializes in desktop dental resin systems, while SoonSer offers industrial-grade 3D printers. The Mars Pro line includes three large-format photopolymer systems: the Mars Pro-600 with a print area of 600 x 600 x 400 mm, the Mars Pro-850 with a build volume of 850 x 850 x 500 mm, and the Mars Pro-1600 capable of printing objects with dimensions of up to 1600 x 800 x 600 mm.

Mars Pro systems use proprietary software and high-quality third-party components — galvanometric scanning systems, lasers, electronics. The equipment is intended for large-format prototyping, direct additive manufacturing, and the production of casting models and molding equipment with tolerances of no more than 0.1 mm per hundred millimeters of length.

The image above shows a print example — a model illustrating the mechanism of HIV infection and manufactured by a combined method using resin 3D printing and selective laser sintering with glass-filled polymer. The whole process, including 3D printing, post-processing, assembly and painting, took one week.

The spot diameter is dynamically adjustable in the range of 80–800 microns, which allows you to balance between high resolution and performance when constructing external and internal structures. The layer height can be set within the range of 50–250 microns, while the resin level is monitored using a special sensor and is automatically adjusted. The company offers a choice of several branded resins with different physical and mechanical properties: standard, with increased strength, flexible and elastic, transparent, with increased heat resistance, and washable.

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