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Russian Regions Hosted the Festivals of the Kruzhok Movement of the National Technology Initiative

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Nine days of festivals of ideas and technologies of the Kruzhok (the Kruzhoks are the student communities in Russia) movement of the National Technology Initiative took place in Russian regions in late 2021. They celebrated the Russian year of Science. as well as the 100-th anniversary of the Kruzhok movement in Russia. The places that hosted the events were chosen in September 2021. During the same period, Top 3D Shop held several workshops on the use of the Einscan HX 3D scanner, the full program is available here.

The festivals aim to help form a community of technology enthusiasts. involve the school and university students into technical creativity and show the modern innovative achievements to the masses. Apart from the educational events, the festivals included the sessions covering further development of the Kruzhok movement in Russian regions, as well as celebration of the best mentors and kruzhoks. A special exhibition named ‘The Future is Ordinary’ was also a part of the events. It’s where the technological developments of the companies that are a part of the NTI were shown.

According to Natalya Kravchenko, director of development of the Kruzhok movement of NTI, . the end result was to see nine bright teams that are ready to present the best festival conceptions and can organize the celebrations of 100 years of the Kruzhok movements and a Year of Science in Russia. She added that the festivals are a great place for communication between different generations of the Kruzhoks members, as well as a way to show the innovations to the masses. 

Denis Ashirov, Director of the Department of State Youth Policy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, said in the beginning of 2021: “The series of festivals of the Kruzhok movement of NTI will greatly complement the eventful program of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, and and will play a role in one of the key tasks: involving the talented youths into the field of science and technology. The Kruzhok movement is actively evolving in the many regions of our country: the students bring interesting technical projects to life and win Russian and International competitions. And that is why I’m sure that the regions will compete with each other in order to host the festivals, while the events themselves will be memorable”. 

The festivals took place in late 2021 as a part of the ‘Community integrator of the Kruzhok movement” project. 

The Kruzhok movement of the National Technology Initiative is a Russian community of technical enthusiasts, and it included more than 300,000 students and mentors from various places of the country by 2021. The goal of the movement is to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, managers and leaders that can come up with the ideas and projects and bring them to life to benefit Russia and the who;e world. The roadmap for this goal already exists. The tasks of the NTI are integrated into the “Science” national project. The Kruzhok movement turned 100 in 2021, that’s why the celebration events were a part of the ‘Year of Science and Technology’ federal plan. 

The initiatives of the movement included the first engineering team competitions for school and university students (named National Technical Contest, formerly the NTI Contest), the “Practices of the Future” hackathons, the “NTO lesson”, the “Mentor academy” project, as well as the enrollees contest named “Talant 20.35”, the ‘Kentavr” R&D program and many others. 

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