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Moscow Children’s Science Parks Participated in the ‘First Grade September’ Event

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In the beginning of September 2021 Moscow first-graders could visit 17 educational places. Those who participate in the ‘First Grade September’ event will gain knowledge about relevant professions, will visit the programming and 3D modeling courses and will find out more about AR/VR technologies and robotics (you can learn more about educational robotics here).

The places include ‘KidBurg’, educational park ‘Kidzania’, the ‘Experimentarium’ museum, as well as the center of scientific discoveries ‘Innopark’. The others included ‘Arena Space’ virtual entertainment park and other children’s science parks of Moscow, according to the mayor’s office. 

The areas of the ‘Inginirium of BMSTU’ science park will provide the students with the courses for young engineers, Scratch-programming master classes, as well as the ones of robotics and biotechnologies. 

The master classes at the children’s science park “Na Zorge” are all bundled under the name of “My urban design”. Each of them is related to the elements that form the overall urban appearance, architecture and design. 

The courses at the children’s science park of Russian State Social University allow the participants to make their own robot and code the way it will behave, as well as make their first video game, draw something with a 3D pen and make a realistic 3D house. 

The Mendeleev center will show the kids what the paints and plasticine are made of, what the world looks like through the lenses of a microscope and provide chemical experiments. 

The visitors of Naukograd (science city) of MSAL can participate in a mini-quest where they must reach a lighthouse and light the lamp up while learning programming and understanding the algorithms and patterns of a robot’s movements, as well as working principles of LEDs and resistors. At the same place, the kids can participate in other master classes. For example, the aviation classes will show them the cockpit of the Yakovlev Yak-40 plane inside a special aircraft simulator. The kids will also make an aircraft model. 

The science park Vertikalny Vzlet (Vertical Takeoff) provided a ‘chemical show’. The place could also be used to find out what prototyping is and learn more about Scratch-programing. The parents could find to do as well: the master class ‘Confident school student’ features a teacher with speech therapy and children psychology experience who explained how to help the kids to overcome the struggles of early days of school, such as socialization. 

Moreover, the places named KidBurg, Kidzania, Experimentarium, Innopark, Zamania, RoboUniver, Nebo and Skazka could be visited as part of the events. For example, RoboUniver allowed the guests to see two-hour robotics master classes, while the Skazka park allowed the kids to walk with giant dinosaurs, while InnoPark will show the visitors the world of science.

In 2020, ‘First Grade September’ was attended by more than 25,000 people. In 2021 the participants had to select events and register online for visiting. «

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