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United Engine Corporation Launched Technological Project Accelerator in the Yaroslavl Region of Russia

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United Engine Corporation (UEC) that is a part of Russian state corporation Rostec launched a regional technological projects accelerator named RybAcc. The list of relevant tasks include several things related to optimization of 3D modeling, 3D printing, as well as tooling processes of metal and polymer products, including composite 3D printing.

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According to the press center of UEC, the accelerator was organized together with Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after PA Solovyov, the objectives include searching for, forming and developing technological teams. They must be able to quickly develop the solutions for solving relevant problems. The corporate accelerator now covers Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Perm and the Yaroslavl region. Possible partners include the students and researchers of universities, as well as the experts of small and middle-sized innovative universities.

“UEC uses the principles of open innovations. We need teams that could make a unique product with the help of technological, programming and organizational solutions. This approach is especially relevant in the fields of digital design and manufacturing, additive technologies and new materials. We are also interested in the fields such as industrial Internet, mechatronics and robotics, as well as flexible manufacturing cells. The accelerator allows us to widen our industrial network and speed up the development of innovative projects”, commented Evgeniy Pavlov, Head of innovation development department of UEC.

To take part in the accelerator, one needs to meet a requirement. It is to offer a project team with at least two people and an idea or a project to solve one of the tasks for a corporation in the technology and manufacturing fields. The list of the top-priority tasks include decreasing the amount of uneven surfaces of closed and complex channels of 3D printed products. Others are the removal of supporting structures with non-mechanical post-processing methods and optimization of melting parameters for making billets using the direct metal laser sintering technology. The list doesn’t end here, other examples would be lowering the weight of products with the help of bionic design and other innovative technologies, and new methods of final post-processing of products. 

Dmitry Ivanov, director for Innovative Development at UEC, said: “We want to tell the professionals about the grants, investments and other support methods that UEC can offer, as well as show how the corporate accelerator can help with the development of a technological team”.

Any company could apply to take part in the accelerator before October the 12th 2021. The main events ended on November the 15th 2021, this is when the experts of the corporation selected the projects they will continue to work with.

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