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Russian company Smart Build holds a contest for designers of 3D-printed architectural forms

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Stavropol-based Russian company Smart Build launched an open contest of small architectural forms. The winning project will be brought to life with an in-house developed constructional 3D printer.

Smart Build operates at a local industrial park called “Master”, where the company assembles proprietary constructional 3D printers and refines 3D printing techniques. The main demonstrational project would be a three bedroom one-story house with an area of 120 square meters (almost 1300 square feet) that would cost around 4 million Russian rubles (around $52,000). The construction material is supplied by Khabezsky gypsum plant

A 3D printed house built by “AMT-Specavia” in Yaroslavl
A 3D printed house built by “AMT-Specavia” in Yaroslavl

The first 3D printed living house in Russia (as well as the first in all post-Soviet countries and Europe as a whole) was built in 2016-2017 by a Yaroslavl-based company “AMT-Specavia”, the most known manufacturer of constructional additive equipment in Russia. The house was printed in parts that were made at the plants and then transported to the construction site. 

A demonstration building in Stupino, Moscow oblast
A demonstration building in Stupino, Moscow oblast

The first building in Russia that was 3D printed on site was built around the same years in Stupino, Moscow oblast. The project was done by Apis Cor, Irkutsk-based manufacturer of constructional 3D printers. The company is currently actively working outside of Russia, their most known project is the two-story building in Dubai, UAE. But both of these buildings are office ones. 

A Dubai-based project by Apis Cor
A Dubai-based project by Apis Cor

Smart Build is planning to ‘merge’ these achievements and become the first company that 3D printed a living house with fixed formwork on site in Russia. 

But the progress is going to be gradual. The company planned to release four 3D printers per month by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. They were also testing a smaller-sized version designed to produce small architectural shapes. But it’s important to find out what such equipment could print. And this is what the contest participants are going to show. 

The contest goals:

  • Improving the image of the architect's job;

  • Finding out and rewarding for innovative ideas in making and improving constructional work with the help of 3D printing;

  • Attracting masses to the achievements of innovative construction methods;

  • Showcasing best modern architectural solutions with the help of full potential of constructional 3D printing;

  • Demonstrating modern materials;

  • Attracting investors;

  • Adapting new ideas and technologies for urban planning.

The participants could send their application from August the 1st to 31st. The date of the announcement of the winner is not yet mentioned. 

At the same dates, several master classes focused on reverse engineering were held. The details are available on the website.

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