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Flashforge Users 3D Print Face Shields and Safety Goggles

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With COVID-19 imposing a multitude of challenges and restrictions all over the world, the role of digital technologies seems to become important as never before. To help with the shortage of protective equipment, 3D printer users started to produce such objects with their devices. Read on to learn how people fight the pandemic using Flashforge products.

A Flashforge Guider 2 print farm in Hunan province has been used to produce over 5,000 pairs of safety goggles which were donated to Chinese hospitals. With the high performance of the printer employed, the farm is able to print about 2,000 pairs daily, and the number can be raised to 10,000 if necessary.

A 12-year-old boy from Mexico is making visors and masks to donate to doctors at his local hospital. At the moment, he has produced more than one hundred pairs of face shields using the Flashforge Finder 3D printer. Since the infection spreads through the mouth, eyes, and nasal passages, the need for such equipment becomes especially urgent.

Australian voluntary organization Free 3D Hands engaged in the production of prosthetic upper limb devices using 3D printing raised about $33,000 to provide essential services with 4,000 face shields.

In Canada, a local educational center is producing face shields for front-line workers and hospitals to help with the crisis and medical supply package.

Indonesian company EVOLUSI 3D makes use of Guider 2, Adventurer 3, and Creator 3 printers to make face shields, too. Apart from manufacturing more than 3,000 pairs of such objects, they donated 100 kg of their branded filament for members of 3D printing society to be able to print face shields for essential groups such as healthcare workers. The design optimized for the Flashforge Adventurer 3 allows a shield to be printed in 35 minutes.

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