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The benefits of offering VoIP to your customers under your own brand

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The potential of VoIP to your customers is simply phenomenal. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily. Cloud telecommunication is sophisticated and easily integrated. Confidence in this technology is growing fast. There has never been a better time to start talking to your customers about adopting this solution. It will deliver huge business benefits for them and has the potential to increase business income and profitability.

The leading cloud communications provider, Zadarma, offers an API that allows Zadarma customers to white label and customise their VoIP solutions, and then resell these under their own brand to their customers. Businesses are claiming huge benefits from offering telecom services to their clients and customers, through white labelling of VoIP telecommunication services via an API. Moreover, with Zadarma’s API you can offer telecom services to your clients without the need for them to register as a member, granting the ability to make and receive calls from their web interface, using all PBX cloud communication features. 

The API methods are straightforward. For instance, for user registration, to create a new account is performed via method POST /v1/reseller/users/registration/new/. To confirm a number they then send an SMS message with a code /v1/reseller/users/phones/prove_by_sms, the user enters the code on your website and you pass it on via method /v1/reseller/users/phones/confirm. You can create PBX extension numbers quickly for each employee using the method: POST /v1/pbx/internal/create/

What are the benefits of providing VoIP to your customers under your own brand?

  1. Empower your brand - You can apply your own branding to the VoIP platform when marketing it to your customers. This can boost rapport with your customer, promote your brand and spur on future business development

  2. Grow your customer base and foster customer relationships - You can attract new customers by selling VoIP under your own brand, boosting your brand and customer relationships, without having to tie customers into long-term contracts. You can get closer to your customers, fostering and building rapport.

  3. Added value to your business - Customers like VoIP and the benefits it brings, so you will be adding real value to your business’ services.

  4. Boost your revenue - You’ll get a share of the total spend each customer makes every month. You control the pricing model and can customise rates for individual customers, generating recurring revenues and profits. Your monthly recurring income can grow.

  5. Offer bespoke solutions - You can create solutions to fit your customer base, in which providers like Zadarma can develop on your behalf

  6. Ongoing technical support - As a reseller, you can draw on the technical support from your VoIP provider, as and when needed, to gain valuable pre-sale help and advice

What exactly does White Label VoIP service bring you?

  1. Your customers have a fully developed and supported cloud telecommunications platform they can take to market rapidly

  2. Your customers pay the rates to you so you can ensure the service is working without interruptions.

  3. Your customers feel well supported technically, as you have your VoIP provider behind the scenes, while you as a reseller can take control of the sales & marketing & profits

VoIP services have been spurring a revolution in the communications industry. Your prospects and customers rely on you for the latest unified communications services so by adding VoIP to your portfolio of services ensures you will continue to satisfy their needs, maintain a competitive edge and capitalise on abundant sales opportunities. 

To take full advantage of Zadarma’s free API, you first need to receive access to the Zadarma dealer account. If you do not have an account, you simply need to raise a ticket with their finance department.

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