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How to become a community sponsor

What is the point of the communities on Habr?

Habr — is a vast living community of IT-people: now we have more than 8 million unique visitors per month. Habr is like an ocean with numerous islands — thematic communities of different shape and size. Our users are extremely active, especially in their ‘native’ professional communities. Creating posts here and communicating with colleagues and like-minded  is a sustainable form of self-identification for IT-specialist, this is a way of professional development and after all a way of spending free time.

Why should anyone become a sponsor of the communities?

The community is a place where the distance between Habr residents and business is shorter than anywhere else. Sponsorship is the most convincing way to demonstrate that your company cares for the development of the whole platform and its’ particular corner. It will  not look like you are imposing on the audience, but modestly supporting it. And at the same time you will be able to clearly show your values and share information about the products and offers.

Why not to use a corporate blog instead?

Blogs and communities are both natural ‘locations’ inside Habr but for different purposes. Corporate blog is a cool, useful tool for business. In most cases this will be ‘must have’. But this is some kind of company’s rep office, while community is a ‘natural life’ raised by the users. Combining Habr blog and community sponsorship may become super effective. And if you need we can share our experience and recommend the most effective configuration that will help to engage the audience.

What opportunities does sponsorship give and how to become a sponsor?

Different goals — different levels of sponsorship: mega-sponsor, sponsor, partner. Send us an email to sponsor@habr.com and we will:

  • send you full description of our sponsorship options;

  • tell the prices of sponsor packages and explain what's included;

  • describe the unique approach to work with our users in order to make your and their lifes better;

  • and the most important: discuss which type of sponsorship will work for you better.