• What are the application areas of 3D printing?

    What is 3D printing?

    3D printing is a new way of manufacturing solid objects based on the principle of discrete-stacking.
    With the evolution of the trend, 3D printing has become a way to promote smart manufacturing, flexible manufacturing and green manufacturing. It can realize the integrated formation of complex structures that are difficult to process or even cannot be processed by traditional manufacturing technologies, greatly enhancing the process realization capability. Subversive advancement in equipment design and manufacturing.

    From the past used to manufacture models, and now gradually realize the direct manufacturing of products, 3D printing manufacturing technology is developing towards the integration of “design-material-manufacturing”. According to research, the size of the world 3D printing market in 2017 was 3.86 billion US dollars. In 2018, the scale of China's 3D printing market was as high as 7.75 billion US dollars, which has more than doubled in two years. From behind the scenes to the forefront of the industry, the development of the 3D printing industry has moved from the concept introduction period to the rapid development period, all thanks to: "application." Members of the World 3D Printing Association have said:

    When 3D printing technology goes out of the lab,
    Its development motivation lies in its application
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