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The Significance of In-app Messaging Applications in your Digital Business

Instant Messaging *Development of mobile applications *API *Software Video conferencing

In-app messages are targeted notifications sent to customers/ users while they are active on the website or mobile application. They are a very effective way to engage customers as they are already within the application looking for specific information. In-app chat applications help connect better with the users and improve user retention as they are timely and targeted. 

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API security design best practices for enterprise and public cloud

Information Security *API *

Application Programming Interfaces or API’s are responsible for majority of system integration and functional components of modern computing landscape in both consumer and enterprise environments.

Properly constructed secure API’s provide significant benefits during initial build, integration with other systems and during entire application lifecycle while protecting sensitive information stored in business systems.

Based on author's experience designing and implementing API’s for variety of clients in financial, insurance, telecom and public sectors, security is often overlooked in favor of simplistic, vendor/product specific solutions.

This article addresses best practices for API security design in product neutral manner to help architects to plan and build easy to work with and secure API's.

Recommended approach is to separate API security from its business functionality and allow back-end developers to concentrate only on business functions. Once business logic for an API is ready, it can be published using common security components described in this article.

This article does not provide any product specific recommendations, but any modern API security/governance platform will be able to satisfy majority of suggested requirements using out-of-the-box functionality.

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Best Digital Communication API Platform Reviewed and Compared (2022)

Instant Messaging *API *Technical Writing *

Digital communication APIs and SDKs! the most powerful tool in the era of digitalization. Unlike other tools, these real time communication APIs have spread their impact over all industries and have successfully grabbed the attention of proficient developers too.

Based on the demand and need of developers to know more about these digital communication APIs and SDKs concerning their market availability with pricing, features and functionalities, I have posted this article to get you some clarity with research on the top most real time chat API and SDK providers. So, let’s start over.

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The benefits of offering VoIP to your customers under your own brand

Zadarma corporate blog API *Development of communication systems *Cloud services Voice user interfaces

The potential of VoIP to your customers is simply phenomenal. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily. Cloud telecommunication is sophisticated and easily integrated. Confidence in this technology is growing fast. There has never been a better time to start talking to your customers about adopting this solution. It will deliver huge business benefits for them and has the potential to increase business income and profitability.

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How to be good in hackathons as a developer? Practice creating simple pet projects

.NET *API *Google API *C# *DIY

Hackathons could be very intimidating and stressful. The key to getting better is doing simple projects. In this article, we will look at an example of a web app that can be used for sharpening your skills when you prepare for a hackathon. We will use a powerful Google API based on Machine Learning and apply the following technologies: ASP.NET, HTML, Docker, Heroku, and Git.

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Roslyn API: Why PVS-Studio Was Analyzing the Project So Long

PVS-Studio corporate blog API *Development Management *

How many of you have used third-party libraries when writing code? It's a catchy question. Without third-party libraries the development of some products would be delayed for a very, very long time. One would have to reinvent the wheel to solve each problem. When you use third-party libraries you still stumble upon some pitfalls in addition to obvious advantages. Recently PVS-Studio for C# has also faced one of the deficiencies. The analyzer could not finish analyzing a large project for a long time. It was due to the use of the SymbolFinder.FindReferencesAsync method from the Roslyn API in the V3083 diagnostic.

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Ugly API

PHP *API *Dart *Flutter *

In this article, I’d like to talk about the problems I faced while integrating an API for the HTTP protocol and share my experience in solving them.

- REST vs Non REST architecture

- Ignoring Header Accept: application/json

- Mixing JSON keys case types

- Different response to the same request

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Twilio vs Sendbird vs CONTUS MirrorFly Feature Comparison | Twilio vs Competitors

Instant Messaging *Programming *Development of mobile applications *API *

Looking out for the best in app chat solution providers to enhance your business.

Getting confused with so many options to choose among  Sendbird and Twilio competitors. 

Then, let’s have some clarity with a detailed discussion over the feature comparison to go for the best Twilio and Sendbird alternative.

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Top 10 Best Voice Chat APIs for Mobile and Web Apps

API *Video conferencing

Voice calling plays a crucial role in personal and professional communication. Be it a friendly conversation among classmates or a business deal between companies – voice calling has been the most easy, convenient, and affordable way to communicate for decades. Thus, communication corporations and developers have brought in innovative ways to integrate their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and invent newer ways of voice communication.

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A Book on the API Design

Designing and refactoring *API *Professional literature

This year, each of us seeks a special way to pass the time. I am writing a book, for example. A book about one thing I love dearly: the API. (You may read who am I and what expertise got in APIs in my LinkedIn profile.)

I've just finished the first large section dedicated to the API design. You may read it online, or download either pdf or epub version, or take a look at the source code on Github.

The book is distributed for free under a CC-BY-NC license. Enjoy!

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Development of “YaRyadom” (“I’mNear”) application under the control of Vk Mini Apps. Part 1 .Net Core

PostgreSQL *.NET *API *C# *
Application is developed in order to help people find their peers who share similar interests and to be able to spend some time doing what you like. The project is currently on the stage of beta-testing in the social network “VKontakte”. Right now I am in the process of fixing bugs and adding everything that is missing. I felt like I could use a bit of destruction and decided to write a little about the development. While I was writing, I decided to divide the text into different parts. Here we are going to pay more attention to backend nuances which I faced, and to everything that a user does not see.
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Here are the Most Popular Video Conference APIs To be Considered for your Mobile App

Development for iOS *Development of mobile applications *Development for Android *API *Video conferencing
As the world rearranges into virtualized societal norms, the most convenient and simplified interaction for businesses or socially has come from video-based apps. Extensive use of these conferencing apps is trending Post COVID-19 pandemic.
Statista.com has tracked the high number of video conference app downloads from AppStore and GoogleStore for the following
Video conferencing App / Country Hangouts Meet Houseparty Ms Teams Zoom
USA 30 8 11 4
France 23 30 16 2
Germany 15 26 11 17
Spain 64 2360 15 27
Italy 140 423 30 55

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The PVS-Studio analyzer: detecting potential compatibility issues with Java SE API

PVS-Studio corporate blog Oracle *Java *API *

Рисунок 9

2019 was a very busy year in terms of conferences. Our team could leave for whole weeks on business trips. As you know, the conference is perfect time to share knowledge. In addition to giving talks and telling many interesting things at our booth, we also learned a lot from communicating with conference participants and speakers. So at the Joker 2019 conference in fall, a talk from Dalia Abo Sheasha «Migrating beyond Java 8» inspired us to implement a new diagnostic rule that allows us to detect incompatibilities in the Java SE API between different versions of Java. This is what we will talk about.
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Are Your File Transfer Integrations GDPR Compliant?

API *Legislation in IT

The onslaught of data security breaches today is relentless, with thousands of major breaches each year and 50 percent more breaches in 2019 vs. 2018, according to a report by Risk Based Security. The costs for each breach have burgeoned as well, with the average cost of a data breach at about $3.92 million.

Securing data from breaches not only spares bottom line and publicity, it's now also a basic legal requirement to comply with rapidly growing data privacy laws.

While organizations have long had to comply with industry-specific standards, such as HIPAA in healthcare and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), you now also face new consumer privacy regulations. Including:

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Looking for a Zoom alternative?Here are the best suggestions for videoconferencing apps

API *Software Video conferencing

As much of the world works from home amid COVID-19 lockdowns and ‘shelter in place’ restrictions, video call and conferencing apps have experienced a significant surge in user numbers. From top business executives to scientists and government officials, the employed across industries and roles have moved operations online and onto video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

The dark side of this change is that video calls have also become a playground for phishermen and ‘Zoombombers’. This development was recently experienced by Zoom users, who took to the internet to allege that Zoom vulnerability windows were compromised and ‘Zoom is not safe to use’.

In March alone, the number of Zoom users saw a whopping 535% increase, with its iPhone app being the most downloaded for weeks at a stretch. However, reports of security disasters and Zoom privacy issues saw the brand’s credibility snowballing at an alarming pace. Despite the company CEO stepping up to the plate and ramping up privacy measures, professionals continue to debate on whether the Zoom privacy and security issues, that risked data of millions, can be quickly resolved.

What went wrong?
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Analyze your builds programmatically with the C++ Build Insights SDK

Microsoft corporate blog Programming *C++ *Visual Studio *API *
We’re happy to announce today the release of the C++ Build Insights SDK, a framework that gives you access to MSVC build time information via C and C++ APIs. To accompany this release, we are making vcperf open source on GitHub. Because vcperf itself is built with the SDK, you can use it as a reference when developing your own tools. We’re excited to see what sort of applications you’ll be building with the SDK, and we’re looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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Free API Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) in Google Sheets

Data Mining *Algorithms *API *Google API *Finance in IT
Last year the number of private investors at Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) has doubled and reached 3.86 million: about 1.9 million people have opened accounts at MOEX in 2019. The Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange which specializes in trading of foreign company shares has seen its accounts increase three times from 910,000 to 3,06 million over the past year.

This means that almost 2 million newbies without any actual trading experience and lacking any specialized software for trading/position analysis have entered the market.
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Is interactivity a major factor for an app’s success?

JavaScript *Programming *Development of mobile applications *API *
Psychology plays an important role in the success of any marketing strategy. Attracting people to your app needs the right psychological approach. Human behaviors are highly crucial which are required to be considered while forming strategies.

Simplest thing in application affects their interactivity greatly. For example, even the number of notifications, as well as the time at which they will be sent, have a strong impact. According to a survey, 60% of respondents have a preference for what time of day they receive notifications.

This indicates that the way an app will communicate with users will have an immense effect on its success or failure. Do you know what are the factors that affect the interactivity of your app? Apart from that, how can you make an app interactive?
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Document your express API with swagger annotations

Node.JS *API *

Have you ever wanted to have a swagger documentation for your express API based on annotations? I have. And unfortunately didn’t find any way of doing it without having to manually create a swagger.json file. My wish was simple as this: I want to have a clean express app with multiple endpoints and I want to keep swagger documentation for every endpoint close to the endpoint implementation, not in a separate file.

Maybe I’m just lacking some google skills, but I decided that it’d be much easier for me to create such a tool. And here it is: mgr-swagger-express

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