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Turning a typewriter into a Linux terminal

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Hi everyone, a few months ago I got a Brother AX-25, and since then, I've been working on turning it into a computer. It uses an Arduino to scan the custom mechanical keyboard and control the typewriter, and a Raspberry Pi is connected to the Arduino over serial so I can log into it in headless mode.

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Building an Arduino based RFID Emulator

Reading time 7 min
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This project is aimed at creating an experimental device for emulating RFID labels of three widely available components. I simplified the explanation of the process so that it could be easily replicated. I also developed some helpful ideas along the way, including writing a special program for converting a serial number into the transmitted data, which will definitely prove useful.
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Medical Ventilator +STONE LCD + Arduino UNO

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Since December 8, 2019, several cases of pneumonia with unknown etiology have been reported in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. In recent months, nearly 80000 confirmed cases have been caused in the whole country, and the impact of the epidemic has been expanding. Not only the whole country has been affected, but also the confirmed cases have appeared in the whole world, and the cumulative confirmed cases have reached 3.5 million. At present, the source of infection is uncertain From where, but we can be sure that everyone needs masks very much, and those who are serious need respirators.

So, taking advantage of this hot spot, I also came to do a project about the ventilator, and there was a STONE in my hand TFT serial port screen is very suitable for the display screen of the ventilator. When the screen is available, I need a single-chip microcomputer to process the commands issued by STONE's serial port screen and upload some waveform data in real time. Here I choose a more general and easy to use MCU, Arduino uno single-chip microcomputer, which is widely used and supports many libraries.
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