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Import chat history to Telegram (приглашение)

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time3 min

I'm seeking anyone who is skilled enough to develop a simple Python script using TDLib, Telegram API, and JSON manipulation to make it possible to perform simple tasks listed below:

1. Import Telegram chat JSON backup back to Telegram similar to what these scripts are doing github.com/alexlyzhov/telegram-import
but for any chat (not only to «saved messages») including group chats (not only 1 to 1 chats) and improve the code to make it work faster, more reliable, write log file, allow continuing from the stop point in case of errors and keep all the original chat data including formatting and everything that telegram can handle.
Some kinda combine all the script in one universal, flexible, high quality tool.
The most important aspect of the whole task is that the imported messages have to keep not only the formatting, but its original date and time when they were actually sent. Like it is done in the original telegram tool for importing history from some other apps — telegram.org/blog/move-history

2. Make it very simple to use. Perfect solution will be: Download, put the script next to JSON backup and run it in the interactive mode or with some specific options. Let the script ask for all the credentials and briefly explain where to get them. If possible, keep all the job on one device with no need of transferring the WA format zip file to the phone for importing. If not possible, make it an android app which will get the JSON, process it and feed the result to the Telegram app for import.

This is the basic I'm going to pay for.
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The mystery of Telegram

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time12 min

This article was originally posted at Product Identity.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Telegram?

I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs, sex, or crypto are your first associations. Throughout the years, Telegram earned a shady reputation, perhaps not strategically, but for a “good” reason.

I feel like Telegram is a mystery. On the outside, it might be perceived as a platform designed for drug traffickers, crypto scammers, and sexual abusers.

I shared this feeling when I joined the early team of Bancor in 2016, as I also joined its internal group chat, needless to say, on Telegram.

However, the app was quickly removed from my list of stigmas. Instead, I started to appreciate Telegram for its well-crafted product and care for design. From its meticulous attention to small details to have a unique brand — it stands as a dogma of an opinionated product (and a company) in many aspects. In addition, it helped me recognize the benefits of separating my private and professional lives early on.

After using Telegram extensively over the past 7+ years, I feel the urge to write about it, but this time not in the spirit of its typical news headlines.

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E-commerce Trends you can’t miss

Reading time4 min

The e-commerce market in 2022 leaves entrepreneurs no choice but immediately incorporate new technologies. Today it is not enough to follow the latest trends, because you need to be two steps ahead. How to do it?

Consumer behavior has changed, especially since this pandemic. You get used to good things quickly, so online shopping and fast delivery services made us all appreciate our time and comfort.

You have to pay for everything in this life, so retailers and marketplaces have to pay for the growth of demand and profits in the field of e-commerce by regularly introducing new technologies, fighting for consumer loyalty, and rivalry in endless competition.

Here are a few of the latest e-commerce trends that cannot be missed if you want to achieve stable profits and customer growth.

All attention to CRO

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How in-app chats help e-learning platforms to be more interactive?

Reading time4 min

e-Learning is an extension of/ alternative to a traditional classroom setup. e-learning, commonly known as ‘online learning’ or ‘virtual learning’ is ideally a one-way or two-way digital communication established on a device with video and voice call integration using internet access. The last two years made us realize how technology can facilitate and improve communication. Digital technology had its impact in almost every industry including the sensitive education sector.

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10 Easy Steps to Build an Android Chat App using Kotlin in 2022

Reading time6 min

This tutorial will guide you step by step in building an Android chat app in Kotlin with the help of third-party messaging SDKs. The reason I chose Kotlin for this tutorial is that - it is a lightweight programming language suggested by Google for building apps that work on Android devices. 

In the steps ahead, I’ll show you how to develop an app in Android Studio, with messaging features that can integrate using SDKs. I use MirrorFly’s chat SDKs throughout this tutorial.

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The Significance of In-app Messaging Applications in your Digital Business

Reading time4 min

In-app messages are targeted notifications sent to customers/ users while they are active on the website or mobile application. They are a very effective way to engage customers as they are already within the application looking for specific information. In-app chat applications help connect better with the users and improve user retention as they are timely and targeted. 

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Best Digital Communication API Platform Reviewed and Compared (2022)

Reading time5 min

Digital communication APIs and SDKs! the most powerful tool in the era of digitalization. Unlike other tools, these real time communication APIs have spread their impact over all industries and have successfully grabbed the attention of proficient developers too.

Based on the demand and need of developers to know more about these digital communication APIs and SDKs concerning their market availability with pricing, features and functionalities, I have posted this article to get you some clarity with research on the top most real time chat API and SDK providers. So, let’s start over.

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Twilio vs Sendbird vs CONTUS MirrorFly Feature Comparison | Twilio vs Competitors

Reading time8 min

Looking out for the best in app chat solution providers to enhance your business.

Getting confused with so many options to choose among  Sendbird and Twilio competitors. 

Then, let’s have some clarity with a detailed discussion over the feature comparison to go for the best Twilio and Sendbird alternative.

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Dark theme of Thunderbird as a reason to run a code analyzer

Reading time12 min
Picture 3
The adventures with the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client began with automatic update to version 68.0. More text in pop-up notifications and default dark theme are the notable features of this version. Occasionally I found an error that I immediately craved to detect with static analysis. This became the reason to go for another check of the project source code using PVS-Studio. It so happened that by the time of the analysis, the bug had already been fixed. However, since we've paid some attention to the project, there's no reason not to write about other found defects.


The dark theme of the new Thunderbird version looks pretty. I like dark themes. I've already switched to them in messengers, Windows, macOS. Soon iPhone will be updated to iOS 13 with a dark theme. For this reason I even had to change my iPhone 5S for a newer model. In practice, it turned out that a dark theme requires more effort for developers to pick up the colors of the interface. Not everyone can handle it the first time.
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Long journey to Tox-rs. Part 1

Reading time7 min
Tox logo

Hi everyone!

I like Tox and respect the participants of this project and their work. In an effort to help Tox developers and users, I looked into the code and noticed potential problems that could lead to a false sense of security. Since I originally published this article in 2016 (in Russian), many improvements have been made to Tox, and I lead a team that re-wrote secure Tox software from scratch using the Rust programming language (check out Tox-rs). I DO recommend using tox in 2019. Let's take a look what actually made us rewrite Tox in Rust.

Original article of 2016

There is an unhealthy tendency to overestimate the security of E2E systems only on the basis that they are E2E. I will present objective facts supplemented with my own comments for you to draw your own conclusions.

Spoiler: The Tox developers agree with my points and my source code pull request was accepted.

Here go facts:
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Top 10 Chat, Audio & Video Calling API & SDK Providers for Enterprise Business

Reading time8 min
The Worlds Leading Real-time Messaging, Audio & Video Chat Solutions That Made Biggest Impact In 2019


With the growing trend of digitalization, most enterprises have transformed their communication methodology from mainstream to digital. In order to keep up with competitors, companies regularly upgrade their services, specially the way they relay information to their customers as well as their employees. Today, seamless real-time networking plays a critical role in engaging with individuals and enterprises, and the best way to implement such a feat is onboarding a Real-Time Chat, Voice & Video Calling SDK/API providers.
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Even more secret Telegrams

Reading time6 min

We used to think of Telegram as a reliable and secure transmission medium for messages of any sort. But under the hood it has a rather common combination of a- and symmetric encryptions. Where’s fun in that? And why would anyone trust their private messages to a third-party anyway?
Spy vs Spy by Antonio Prohías
TL;DR — inventing a private covert channel through users blacklisting each other.

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