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A (more) accurate camera sensor dynamic range measurement

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Hello, everyone! In this post, let's talk about how to (more) accurately measure the dynamic range of a camera sensor and what can be done with these measurements.

Of course, I am not an expert in computer vision, a programmer or a statistician, so please feel free to correct me in the comments if I make mistakes in this post. Here my interest was primarily focused on everyday and practical tasks, such as photography, but I believe the results may also be useful to computer vision professionals.

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Technical Challenges of VuzeCamera (iOS) — First-ever 3D VR Movie Shot in Space

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VuzeCamera is the first consumer 360° 3D camera and a new dual-camera that gives anyone the power to create and share immersive experiences in 360° or VR180° (3D) Photo and Video.

This device is regularly ranked in the top selections of the best cameras, it’s been praised by numerous reviews, and a couple of years ago the Vuze camera went to the International Space Station to shoot the first-ever 3D VR movie shot in space.
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