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Date Processing Attracts Bugs or 77 Defects in Qt 6

Reading time24 min

PVS-Studio & Qt 6

The recent Qt 6 release compelled us to recheck the framework with PVS-Studio. In this article, we reviewed various interesting errors we found, for example, those related to processing dates. The errors we discovered prove that developers can greatly benefit from regularly checking their projects with tools like PVS-Studio.

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SCADA visualization for IoT projects [Free Library]

Reading time6 min
There’s a lot of IoT SCADA solutions for factories and other manufacturing needs. Yet, there are cases (and quite a lot), when you need to develop your own SCADA system to cover specific needs of your project.

Original article — IoT dashboard library: visualize SCADA at a snap [Free IoT library]

We often use awesome Qt framework for implementing complex IoT solutions. For a bunch SCADA and SCADA-like projects, we came across the need for quick tool for developing device dashboards. That’s why we developed super lightweight unofficial Qt library. The library is open source, customizable, and free to use under MIT license. We also share a small set of developed widgets.
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