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On July 6th, 2015 NY Supreme Court Judge Convisor issued a 72-page opinion granting my motion to dismiss the charges in their entirety. He wrote:

The Court holds that, viewing the evidence in a light most favorable to the People, the prosecution did not prove the Defendant made a “tangible reproduction or representation” of secret scientific material as required by the statute. The Court also holds, again under the same evidentiary standard, that the People did not demonstrate Aleynikov had the “intent to appropriate... the use of secret scientific material” as required by the law.

The People began their closing argument to the jury by asserting that “[t]his is a case about a man taking something that he had no right to take. This is a case about this man, seated here, Sergey Aleynikov, the defendant, taking something that wasn’t his. It’s that simple” (1671). As outlined here, the legal standards applicable to the instant crime were anything but that.

Defendants cannot be convicted of crimes because we believe as a matter of policy that their conduct warrants prosecution.
UFO landed and left these words here
За $1.2M в год в России многие бы были готовые отсидеть.

А по существу — разве можно в Америке судить два раза за одно и то же преступление? У них же закон есть против этого.
Скорее всего по другой статье пытались обвинить.
Получал человек 400к в год — и мало ему было…
«Знал бы, где упадёшь, соломку бы подстелил».
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