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This game looks kinda cute. I'd give it a try, but unfortunately I'm not a big fan of mobile gaming. Do you plan to release it on Steam?

Честно говоря, не уверен, на каком языке логично писать комментарий к англоязычной статье русскоязычного автора, будучи русскоязычным комментатором)
Oops, I was too eager to scroll down the main page)

Hi! We added the article with english English translation for those who only know English. We are Russian speakers but here I'll continue in English for convinience of English speakers. Yes the game will be released on steam platform 13 of this month. There is some changes to ballance in order to go away from monetization schemes of the mobile version. Can share you a key after release :)
Hope you enjoy it.

Просто запомни, что ставить себя на первое место в таких предложениях, как твой заголовок, это невежливо и неверно с т.з. языка. :) (я про My and my girlfriend’s)
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