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Top 50 technical articles from medium.com in 2020

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I took topics from section «Innovation & Tech» as tags and parsed data by each day. For example, from such link. Also I throw out from the list almost all articles by blockchain-cuties blog, otherwase the list would be contain only such articles. Have no idea why it rates so high and why it is popular.

  1. ShengWorld Launches SHENG Token Airdrop Campaign — 81K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  2. Zoom Is a Nightmare. So Why Is Everyone Still Using It? — 23K, tags: technology
  3. The launch of Project Voting Competition: Round 2 — 21K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  4. 10 Extraordinary GitHub Repos for All Developers — 16.9K, tags: programming, technology, javascript
  5. Atomars launches Quick Exchange — 16.1K, tags: cryptocurrency
  6. Roobee results for 2019! PART 2. — 14.6K, tags: blockchain
  7. Coronavirus Might Attack the Brain, Too — 14K, tags: science
  8. Why Python is not the programming language of the future — 13.6K, tags: programming, software development
  9. The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Only Just Begun — 13.1K, tags: science
  10. Introduction to Sheng — A global one-stop platform for wellness and lifestyle — 12.7K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  11. If There Was Ever a Time to Activate Your Vagus Nerve, It Is Now — 12.6K, tags: science
  12. How I went from zero coding skills to data scientist in 6 months — 11.5K, tags: programming, data science
  13. What Does Snowflake Wallpaper Do? — 11.5K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  14. Version 9 of Angular Now Available — Project Ivy has arrived! — 11.4K, tags: javascript
  15. 32+ funny Code Comments that people actually wrote — 11.1K, tags: programming, tech
  16. Social Media | Are We Already Living In A Simulation? — 10.9K, tags: technology
  17. Digital identity with AIre-chain — 10.4K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  18. UI/UX|下次主管問你為什麼 UI 要用圓角的時候 — 10.4K, tags: UX
  19. Unique Changelly Birthday Rabbit Joined BCU — 10.1K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  20. Simplified — Business Plan and Innovation Toolkit for Fintech Start ups — 9.8K, tags: technology
  21. Can Crypto and KYC Coexist? — 9.8K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  22. AIre-chain PoC update Feb 4, 2020 — 9.6K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  23. Sheng World Announces BApp Research & Development on Kakao’s Klaytn Blockchain — 9.2K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  24. Be lazy is no shame. An Efficient Image Loading with React Hooks — 9.2K, tags: programming, javascript
  25. Top 7 Important Tips On How To Keep Your Business Data Safe And Secure Online — 9.1K, tags: cybersecurity
  26. How Much Longer Do We Have to Live Like This? — 9K, tags: science
  27. AIre-chain PoC development has started — 8.9K, tags: blockchain
  28. Ugly Truths About Working From Home — 8.8K, tags: programming
  29. The chase for the hottest license for crypto businesses in Asia. — 8.8K, tags: blockchain
  30. Automation Flow of Progressive Images Set Creation for Designers / Developers in 2020. — 8.8K, tags: javascript
  31. If Programming Languages Had Honest Slogans — 8.5K, tags: programming, javascript
  32. Google just published 25 million free datasets — 8.5K, tags: data science, machine learning
  33. 7 Principles of Icon Design — 8.5K, tags: UX
  34. The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic — 8.4K, tags: math
  35. 9 predictions for 2020–2029 — 8.4K, tags: machine learning
  36. Meta-Analyses Reveal Who Should Be More Cautious of COVID-19 — 8K, tags: technology
  37. Big AI-driven Shifts to Happen in 2020 — 8K, tags: artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning
  38. Bored? 7 Fun Things You Can Build — 7.9K, tags: programming, software development
  39. We need to talk about AirPods Pro — 7.7K, tags: technology
  40. The Horrifying Things I’ve Seen as an Office Manager in Silicon Valley — 7.6K, tags: technology
  41. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal | BitValve — 7.6K, tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency
  42. Tokenizing Real World Assets the FinNexus Way: Part 3 — What We Do — 7.2K, tags: blockchain
  43. My Top 5 Favorite Productivity Apps — 7.2K, tags: technology
  44. Python Refresher — Data Structures — 7.1K, tags: artifical intelligence, machine learning
  45. Go to secure 2FA on a Blockchain — 7.1K, tags: blockchain
  46. Full Stack Pronounced Dead — 7.1K, tags: programming, software development
  47. Reimagining a New Social Future with Artificial Intelligence — 7K, tags: machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence
  48. Python Refresher — Loops and Functions — 7K, tags: artificial intelligence. machine learning
  49. The anatomy of a button — UI component series — 6.9K, tags: UX
  50. How is computer programming different today than 20 years ago? — 6.8K, tags: programming
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