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Tips to increase your mobile app downloads | Mobile App Marketing

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Creating an E-commerce store is not complicated compared to surviving the tough competition in the marketplace. By the time you opt to proceed with your land-based company to the competitive online world, some giant eCommerce stores will already be dominating the market.

So, how do you get above them? Well, the simplest method to up your Mobile app and stand out in the competitive online world is embracing AI. AI plays an integral part in re-shaping the eCommerce industry. Here are the ten ways of AI into eCommerce.

Customer Experience

Companies are now focusing more on producing customer-centric and the most relevant results. AI has also introduced voice and image search feature to offer a hassle-free online shopping experience to the customers. Besides, the companies have started to use the omnichannel method (all online platforms) to reach their target customers easily.

Predict Customer Requirements

With the help of AI, eCommerce websites can analyze the data and look into their customer’s purchase history. This information is sufficient to present the most relevant recommendations based on their budget, preference, and requirements.

Nurturing Leads to Potential Buyers

AI supports eCommerce industries to turn their leads and prospects into clients. It helps companies to send the notifications of interesting offers and also the latest deals. This way, it guarantees customer engagement and increases the retention rate.
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How to Install Microsoft SQL Server with Ease

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Microsoft has created the SQL Server that is a relational database management system. The primary functionality of SQL is to store and recover the information as mentioned by the client or another application. SQL functions can either run on a similar framework or another over a system. In this tutorial, things are explained like,

  • Download Microsoft SQL Server
  • Installation of SQL Server
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Mobile App Development Boot Camp 2020: Everything you need to know

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Are you confused about whether to invest in mobile app development or not?
A little bit hesitant to invest in mobile app development in the upcoming year?
Are you not sure about whether to go with mobile application development or not?

Here, in this blog, you will get the perfect solution to your confusion. But before directly talking about the answers, let’s have a look at stats and facts related to mobile app development.

According to activatedesigns, 63% of Millennials preferred to make purchases using mobile apps. However, 21 percent of those millennials would be turned off from a business with which they had a poor experience. Also, 31 percent of those millennials will not recommend that business to others.

Also, it is seen that an average person spends 87 percent of their time on mobile apps. Hence, it’s quite clear that mobile app development is in demand.

Mobile app development has been an amazing domain to work on in the previous decade. It has resulted in big revenue for multiple entrepreneurs. You might have heard about entrepreneurs of Swiggy, Zomato, Oyo, Ola, and Uber. They have made billions with their mobile apps. And every day, new users are downloading their apps to get their services.

So, in case you have an exciting mobile app idea in your mind, you can launch your mobile app in the year 2020 and can make big revenue as all these entrepreneurs made. Here, I am explaining some benefits that you get if you outsource your mobile app development project to a software outsourcing company.
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Мысли об ITSM

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В настоящее время мало кто понимает ценность знаний по управлению ИТ или управлению ИТ услугами. Я не говорю про технические знания по языкам программирования, как установить microsoft office, настроить электронную почти, настроить сервера или маршрутизаторы. Это все хорошо. Но, что если до сих пор бизнес подразделения и бэк офис вашей организации не могут отличить программиста от IT support? Можете ли Вы ответить на все эти вопросы:

  • Как цели ИТ соответствуют стратегии компании?
  • Как ИТ задействован в совместной создании ценности услуг?
  • Знаете ли Вы как управлять финансами для ИТ услуг?
  • Знаете ли Вы сколько стоит каждая ИТ услуга?
  • Знаете ли Вы сколько стоит час простоя ваших услуг?
  • Делается ли анализ влияния на бизнес?
  • Есть ли у Вас каталог услуг?
  • Есть ли соглашения об уровне услуг (SLA) между бизнесом и ИТ?
  • Можете ли Вы отличить запрос на обслуживание от инцидента или проблемы?
  • Кто является владельцом каждой услуги?
  • Измеряется ли эффективность услуги, эффективность процессов?
  • Как Вы оцениваете уровень удовлетворенности бизнеса и пользователей?
  • Как ИТ подразделения взаимодействуют с бизнесом?
  • Как ИТ управляет мощностями и спросом от бизнеса?

Меня беспокоит, что сейчаc во время развития цифровой трансформации и цифровизации, когда компании сильно зависят от цифровых технологий (Такие компании называются цифровыми организациями — Digital organizations или Digital enabled organizations). У людей не хватает знания как этим управлять и руководить, мало кто задаётся этими вопросами.
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C# Collection Manager (Entity mapper)

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The CCM (C# Collections Mapper) is a working version of the handwritten mini ORM, working with the database and C # collections. Productivity is quite high, resource consumption is minimal. This ORM works directly with SQL Server stored procedures. The code is accompanied by descriptions and example .Net Console project showing the technique of ORM using.

Data is stored on the SQL server and when a large number of simultaneously connected users access it this creates a serious load on the database server. In addition, often database queries fetch the same data, which is not good in terms of server and applications load. One of ways to optimize the database in ligament with client application is to reduce traffic and to store data already received from the server on the client or in the middle application tier. Or to store already received data on the application server, especially when the database server and client applications are distributed across the network. For this purpose, the collections stored in the Session or at the application level are the best suited.

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theHarvester and Datasploit Comparison of Python OSINT Tools

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There are tools designed to perform OSINT activities by scrounging information from the internet both Some of this tool include;

  • theHarvester
  • Datasploit

They perform OSINT activities, some use google dorks and other use available public sources and others use both techniques. Both the above tools that we are going to discuss are entirely written in python.
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Increase Productivity and Secure your Collaboration With Troop Messenger

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Picture this:

You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nation against the enemies. It’s a multi-state effort, that involves an active contribution of your colleagues from different departments, some working next door, and some in remote areas.

As a leader, there is a dire need for you to maintain an active collaboration and real-time data sharing with all the team members. You also need to integrate with third-party contractors who are handling other mission-critical services.

But, you don’t have the right medium to maintain that interaction. You don’t have a secure platform to deliver critical information among your team members. Your mission is hampered through phone calls and static email solutions, and eventually, the lack of tools and effective collaboration process dawns upon you.

But it’s too late, the delay has already caused a ruckus, and your opponents are already a step ahead.

Now, Let’s flip the scenario:
You’re organizing a similar mission with a war-torn nation. You need to have a collaboration with the masses. There are a thousand people who need to exchange information with each other — actively, remotely, and frequently — without having to worry about the security breaches.
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Increase Productivity and Secure your Collaboration With Troop Messenger

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Picture this

You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nation against the enemies. It’s a multi-state effort, that involves an active contribution of your colleagues from different departments, some working next door, and some in remote areas.

As a leader, there is a dire need for you to maintain an active collaboration and real-time data sharing with all the team members. You also need to integrate with third-party contractors who are handling other mission-critical services.
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Self-Hosted Team Communication Apps, to Replace Slack

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As diversified workplaces and remote teams are emerging even more, the number of team communication tools is multiplying immensely.

The Problem

With so many tools on the market, which one should we choose? And is having too many tools becoming a problem?
Workplaces are Diversifying = More Tools Available = More Messy

The Rising Trend= Solution

With so many business communication tools available, a new trend has recently been emerging: businesses creating their very own branded messenger for their team communication, hosted on their servers/clouds. And the reasoning for this trend is gradually making sense to more and more businesses.

What is Self-Hosting?

Self Hosting is running your application by setting it on your servers or cloud. And some companies provide their ready-apps for team communication, that you can host and use yourself.

But what's the problem with Slack?

When using Slack, businesses have no other option but to dedicate their most confidential data and conversations to Slack. But by self hosting your own app, all your conversations will safely belong to you and only you.
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Why Do People Buy Cryptocurrencies

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With Cryptocurrencies occupying much of our news feeds every day, especially with the news of volatility and risks, it becomes important for us to talk about the advantages and opportunities that influence people’s decisions to invest.

According to Chohan(2017)
At its simplest, a cryptocurrency can be thought of as a digital asset that is constructed to function as a medium of exchange, premised on the technology of cryptography, to secure the transactional flow, as well as to control the creation of additional units of the currency.

As of October 2019, the most expensive cryptocurrencies worldwide were Bitcoin, Maker, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Bitcoin continued to exceed other currencies, with one coin valued at 8,266.63 U.S. dollars. Market Capitalisation of cryptocurrencies crossed $250 Billion this year and some experts believe it can reach as high as $2 trillion by 2030.

Why People Buy Cryptocurrencies?
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Creating Real-Time Dashboards on Streaming Data in Power BI

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We frequently come across real-time or streaming data in our daily lives. It is so ubiquitous that we don’t even realise that the processes we are interacting with is generating real-time data e.g. our activities on an e-commerce website or body vitals measured by wearables.

What is real-time data?

Real-time data need to be streamed before using it; much like we stream movies from Netflix. Streaming is needed for downstream analytics on the real-time data. There are streaming applications like Kafka, EventHub, Spark Streaming etc which do this job – to stream data real-time between producers and consumers of IoT data. We will discuss about them in detail later in the article. Streaming data generally have high volume and velocity.

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5 Essential Modern Team Communication Tools in the Workplace

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We are now in the remote era.

And as the switch to freelancing and remote work continues to grow, the communication tools you’re using should also be updated for more modern team communication tools: more accessible, faster and remote-friendly options.

1. Better than just a messaging app: Zangi

Even if you have a favorite messaging app that you use to chat with friends, you need a more secure and professional version for work communication. To get in touch with remote workers or other team members, Zangi gives companies their own messaging app with their own name and branding, hosted on the company's cloud or servers. So it’s completely secured for your team.

The app also comes with a dashboard for management, HD quality calling, some great features and more.
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5 E-Commerce Categories to Imply in 2019

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E-commerce is one of the highly utilized methods for buying and selling of products, goods, and various services. The name suggests the way of functioning is through the internet or electronic commerce. The transferring of funds, data, and money all come under E-commerce activities. Categories of E-commerce used by businesses for conducting daily activities are mentioned below.
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Introduction to Spring Cloud Gateway

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An API Gateway provides a single entry point for all the microservices running downstream. The rise in popularity of microservices-driven architecture has led to the discovery of many API gateways. Some of them are Zuul, Linkerd, Nginx, Spring Cloud Gateway and many more. In this article, we will discuss mainly about Spring Cloud Gateway.

Cloud gateway as a Non- Blocking Gateway

Many e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba has hundred of microservices running and get millions of traffic. To accommodate this traffic, a blocking gateway is definitely not a solution.

A Blocking gateway such as Zuul1 requires as many threads as no of requests to handle requests coming to an API gateway and hence a lot of resources is required to handle these requests.
Hence, spring cloud team provided their own non-blocking gateway solution as Spring Cloud Gateway — a reactive Gateway built upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0.
A non-blocking model requires less no of resources to serve the same amount of requests as compared to blocking gateway.

Spring Cloud Gateway Architecture

As we discussed above, the spring cloud gateway is a non-blocking gateway and hence it is built upon Project Reactor and does not work in a traditional Servlet Container. Below is the architecture diagram of Spring Cloud.


Once a request reaches to the gateway, the first thing gateway does is to match the request with each of the available route based on the predicate defined. Once, the route has matched the request moves to web handler and the filters will be applied to the request.

Spring Cloud Gateway Implementation

To get started with the implementation, head over to start.spring.io and download a sample spring boot project which includes gateway artifact and import into your IDE. The complete source code can be found here.

Once, the project is imported, you can start implementing the routes.
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Things to #Giveup to Become a Mindful Person Every day

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There is no more joy than living in the moment and enjoying the here-and-now. I am glad I’ve reached a sense of inner peace. Pursuing mindfulness has been an extremely satisfying journey. The path of mindfulness has made me more aware of my thoughts.

But let’s face it: It is not an easy journey. A mindful life is a life no longer lived on ‘autopilot’. It takes a lot of patience. Haven’t you seen that there are times when the smartest of people easily lose mind, constantly failing to become mindful!

From Mindlessness to Mindfulness

The painful truth about life is not being mindful in various situations. Often I eat up the whole of lunch but being so preoccupied I wonder when did I finish up everything. Always in rush, keeping eye on the kids, I fold the laundry. In the whole rush of doing the things, we are constantly losing connection with the present moment, not realizing what we’re doing and how we’re feeling.

Some common scenarios in our everyday lives showing our mindlessness include:

  • Binge eating
  • Driving to or fro with remembering nothing about the journey
  • Double checking if you locked your car
  • Daydreaming

In this hyper-connected world, it is quite easy to lose ourselves in autopilot every day. Jon Kabat Zinn defines mindfulness as: “Paying attention; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” So how can you increase your mindfulness? It comes up automatically when you start giving up things that suck. In this post, I’ll share with you what you need to ‘not’ do to better equip yourself for the long haul.
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Smart Tech Tips to Build Your Business App on React Native v.0.59

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This tutorial focuses on building native mobile apps using React Native (v.0.59) which is an open-source mobile application framework based on the core concepts of ReactJS and JavaScript. After the release of the React Native 0.59 version in March 2019, it is expected that it can solve a vast number of problems in the React Native app development environment.

React Native v.0.59 is updated with React Hooks that will allow developers to reuse the logic of app components without restructuring the main components.

It is also expected that React Native new version will make it possible to divide the app components into small functions as per the relatability between them.

The CLI tools (command line tools) have also been updated and shifted to a new repository and to the specific group of maintainers.
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For what reason would it be a good idea for you to launch Fantasy Cricket App before 2019?

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Fantasy Cricket is definitely not another term by any stretch of the imagination, nearly everybody has some thought regarding it and its development because of the rage of cricket in India. We, as a whole knew the realities that it can make us energized, particularly in real competitions like: IPL, Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, and so forth.

Because of the wildness and the expectation of millions, Fantasy Cricket Platform get such climb and ubiquity in only 6 years and now turns into a billion-dollar showcase for game associations. A few has officially procured Fantasy Cricket App Development and a few have plans to gain it in the coming couple of months.

Fantasy Cricket keeps you drew in with your most loved diversion, allure the excitement in you and enable you to acquire through your aptitudes.

Possibilities for Fantasy Cricket Apps in the Market

With a commencement of Digital India thought, there's a colossal development estimated in the quantities of advanced mobile phone clients alongside web clients in India. As indicated by the details, India is the second biggest nation with approx. 462.12 million dynamic web clients (as of Jan 2018), which is relied upon to achieve 635.8 million by 2021. Look at here:


Alongside that, there are very nearly 340 million cell phone clients in India with a colossal proportion of youth, who love to watch cricket, feel the excitement of the diversion and need to play with their most loved players. Likewise, ICC investigates says that there are in excess of one billion cricket fans the world over in which India alone contributes 90%.

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The Idiots Guide To Showing Hidden And Password Protected Files On Windows

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Getting Windows to show the hidden files on the PC is pretty straight forward; here are the sequences of Windows clicks and options you need to follow to get up the hidden files:

  1. In Windows Explorer, (for this select "Start"=>"All Programs"=>"Windows Explorer")
  2. Select "Tools" and go to "Folder Options"
  3. Click on the "View" tab
  4. On the "Hidden files and folders" tab, click on "Show hidden files and folders"
    It's as simple as that!

Windows hides some files because it doesn't want the occasional user interacting with them or indeed accidentally deleting them and causing a system crash or an application not to run. This makes a lot of sense from a personal and business users point of view.



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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA, Canada

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Mobile App Development Companies in USA, Canada


Many businesses around the world are becoming mobile-ready. This is because those businesses that have integrated their operations with mobile-ready apps are a safer lot today than others that have not.

One part of the world that is a well-known center for world-class app development services in Canada. If you are a business owner in Canada, it would help you to get to know the top 10 mobile app development companies In USA, Canada. We have listed out these top 10 companies for you. Read on to know more about these app developers in Canada.

1. Tvisha Technologies

Tvisha Technologies offers best-in-class software development and app development services to reputed companies worldwide. Their hallmark programs are fast-track IT solutions that use a perfect balance of technology and software development.

For the last decade and a half starting from the year 2003, they have recruited able teams of young, qualified and brilliant technologists that work to produce a heady mix of value-added business services and basic technology leaving all their clients immensely satisfied.

Automation being their singular goal, they have developed fully functional mobile apps for both private players and government agencies across different industries and sectors that include hard-core manufacturing, energy, banking, healthcare, and education among others That their experience is so wide and varied has gotten them to be among the best mobile app development companies in Canada.

Address:505 Thornall St #301 Edison, NJ 08837
Phone:+91-9100068882, +1(732)654-0056
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