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The Different RPG styles between East and West

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The Chinese Mobile RPG: the Genre of Giants.

Chinese RPGs make up 56% of the top 500 grossing iOS games in China. According to data gathered in 2019 by Game Refinery’s Joel Julkunen. Let’s take a look at the genre and some important points for game developers and RPG enthusiasts to consider Chinese Mobile RPGs.

RPG or role-playing game is a game where the player plays as a character, often the main character, in a fictional game world.

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Создателя Соника арестовали по обвинению в инсайдерской торговле

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Legislation in IT Games and game consoles IT-companies

Окружная прокуратура Токио арестовала одного из создателей игровой серии Sonic the Hedgehog Юдзи Наку по делу о торговле инсайдерской информацией, связанной с разработкой мобильной игры по тайтлу Dragon Quest.

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