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Weekend Picks: light reading for STEM majors

ITMO University corporate blog Studying in IT Reading room Popular science Science fiction
The weekend is upon us, and so is the paralysis that comes with having nothing to do. Fear not, our editorial team picked 9 books on science and tech worth picking up on a cold winter day. You’ll learn about the history of space exploration, join a physicist on a surprisingly science-appropriate hike, and more.

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Post-cyberpunk: what you need to know about the latest trends in speculative fiction

ITMO University corporate blog Reading room History of IT Popular science Science fiction
Cyberpunk has become an integral part of our pop culture. Everyone is familiar with at least some works in the genre and their particular flavour of dystopian technologically advanced universes. But science fiction is always evolving. In this piece, we’ll be taking a look at cyberpunk’s successors and the futures they envision — from pan-African empires to shopping culture gone amok.

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Putting theory to practice: juggling work and study at the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology

ITMO University corporate blog Studying in IT Physics
Master’s degrees are really useful. Postgrad education allows BA holders to put their new-found skills into practice, and secure great jobs further down the road. But students often need help assessing this choice, particularly if they majored in uncommon subjects — like photonics.

To set the record straight, we talked to the people behind, and the graduates of our MA programs in photonics and optical computing. In this article you’ll learn about part-time work available for photonics students, graduates’ job-hunting prospects, and the academic career options that open up.

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Lab tour: Functional Materials and Devices of Optoelectronics at ITMO University

ITMO University corporate blog Development for IOT *Manufacture and development of electronics *Offices of IT companies Physics
Today we’re taking a look at the Functional Materials and Devices of Optoelectronics Lab at ITMO University, the equipment it houses, and the projects underway at the facility. It is an international research facility located in the center of St. Petersburg. The staff is primarily occupied with the search for innovative materials (semiconductors, metals, and nanostructured oxides), and the manufacturing of next-gen micro- and optoelectronic gadgets. Here we take a look at the high-tech equipment it utilizes.

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Inside ITMO University: The robotics lab

ITMO University corporate blog Robotics development *Studying in IT Robotics Offices of IT companies
The Department of Computer Science and Control Systems at ITMO University houses a robotics lab. In this article we’ll take a look at the projects its staff is working on, and show you the machinery on site: industrial manipulator robots, robotic hands and dynamic positioning system testing equipment.

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Mind traps: how scientists fool themselves

ITMO University corporate blog System Analysis and Design *Research and forecasts in IT Studying in IT Popular science
Even the most honest of scientists are regularly misled by their cognitive biases. They often go to great lengths to find proof for whatever seems logical, while dismissing evidence to the contrary.

Yet this issue is rarely discussed — because it remains an embarrassing subject.

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GoROBO: an educational initiative from the ITMO University startup accelerator

ITMO University corporate blog Robotics development *Start-up development Robotics Electronics for beginners
GoROBO is an ITMO University project through and through: one of the co-owners graduated our mechatronics MA program, and two other employees are current postgrad students.

Let’s talk about the educational environment they want to create, why they chose to build such an unusual startup, and what awaits GoROBO clubs in the future.

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Esoteric programming languages: a systematic approach

ITMO University corporate blog Programming *
A surprising number of programming languages were created to accomplish unusual tasks that have nothing to do with programming. These are commonly called esoteric. Today, we’re going to paint a general overview of the esolang landscape, and try to figure out why people are continuing to create them.

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Juggling work and study at ITMO University: CS edition

ITMO University corporate blog Programming *Studying in IT IT career Sound
We talked to the graduates of the Speech Information Systems MA program at ITMO about the ways our university helped jumpstart their careers. [More stories from our startups]:

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Everything you always wanted to know about human memory (but were afraid to ask)

ITMO University corporate blog GTD *Lifehacks for geeks Brain Health
Having a good memory is advantageous, even as people stay home amidst the pandemic. Our memories help us maintain an intellectual connection to the world, and keep us from mentally deteriorating.

Today, we’re launching a new series of articles on memory enhancement, starting with a short overview of how our memory works and the basic training you can undergo to improve it.

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Working with light: Starting your career at ITMO University

ITMO University corporate blog Development of communication systems *Studying in IT IT career Physics
One of our previous articles featured an overview of our photonics department students’ work lives. Today we’re going to expand on this topic by looking at four related MA programs: “Light Guide Photonics and Programmable Electronics”, “LED technologies and optoelectronics”, “Photonic materials” and “Laser technologies”. We sat down with some of the folks currently enrolled in these programs, as well as recent graduates, to talk about the role ITMO University played in kickstarting their careers.

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Programming as an endless educational pursuit

ITMO University corporate blog Programming *
When one embarks on the journey to master the craft of programming, they come to the realisation that it has no finish line. No matter how good you are, there are still things to learn, solutions to explore.

Today, we’ll talk about the importance of remaining a lifelong student, language adoption trends according to StackOverflow and why programming itself might not be what you end up learning to become better.

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Weekend picks: A closer look at ITMO University

ITMO University corporate blog Robotics development *Studying in IT Offices of IT companies Physics
ITMO University occupies several prominent buildings in the centre of St. Petersburg. But residents and guests alike rarely get a chance to take a look at what’s happening inside them. Articles featured in this digest will take you on a virtual tour of our labs, as well as shed some light on the work underway within our walls.

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