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Git *Version control systems *
13 августа GitHub порадовал пользователей очередным приятным нововведением — в этот раз сделан шаг в сторону дальнейшей социализации.
Был выпущен новый способ просматривать, что находится в тренде на сервисе с удобством фильтрации по временному периоду, трендовым проектам, разработчикам и языкам программирования.
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Python Vs R — Data Science

Python *Programming *R *Learning languages
When mulling over the best programming language to use for data science, Python and R ring a bell (very quickly). While there are a lot of languages like C, C++, Java, Julia, Perl, and Scala, it's protected to state that Python and R are the harbingers in data science.

While a great deal of data researchers will discuss the customary shortcomings like data wrangling in R or data representation in Python, ongoing improvements like Altair for Python or R have adequately reacted to these shortcomings.

So which one would it be a good idea for you to decide for your next data investigation venture?

R has been ruling this space for a long time now. This bodes well as this programming language was explicitly intended for analysts.
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The Top 3 Sales Objections You May Face Working with Trending Technologies

Sales management *


Trends in technology have turned around how things work in the world of business. In the past, the salespeople were in charge of driving the demand for their products. Today, sales are more customer-centered than before and most customers get informed about the products without the assistance of salespeople.
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