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Lumber room
Многие знают, что среди программистов есть много товарищей. увлекающихся не только программированием, пингвинами и тому подобное, но и музыкантов к примеру…

И в общем-то творят эти самые музыканты-программисты вещи, вполне достойные внимания.

На просторах рунета есть не мало мест, где можно насладиться музыкально-компьютерным творчеством. К примеру вот таких:


Правда это может сильно попахивать варезом, но… что я могу поделать =)

Если кому-то понравится. то предлагаю собрать насколько возможно большую коллекцию IT-музыки и песен как на русском, так и на других языках.
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Пентест Active Directory. Часть 1

OTUS corporate blog Information Security *IT systems testing *
Перевод статьи подготовлен специально для студентов курса «Пентест. Практика тестирования на проникновение».

У меня было несколько клиентов, пришедших ко мне перед пентестом с уверенностью в том, что они были в хорошей форме, потому что их анализ уязвимостей не показал критических уязвимостей, и что они готовы к пентесту, лишь за тем, чтобы я получил права администратора домена за пятнадцать минут, просто воспользовавшись ошибками в конфигурациях в AD.
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From four to thirty two. Early years of computers and networks in Russia

History of IT

Part I: From four to eight

I like to read the memoirs of people who observed the computers taking first steps in their countries. They always have something romantic about them. Usually, such memories are greatly influenced by the circumstances of that encounter with his first computer: it could be the workplace, or education establishment, it could be just an unexpected and random thing.

Like many of my friends, I was lucky to see the end of that special romantic period, when computer makers were not trying to please the regular users. They were creating the devices with distinctive and unique features they thought were right for some of reasons. This approach is clear to see in both software and hardware. Such features were making the device to sell in millions or be a commercial failure.

It all started differently for different people. Some of them were working with buzzing massive computers that could fill an entire room, the others had desktop-style home computers. There were people, who made their first computer themselves using specialist magazine publications. Different types of computers created the variety of specific traditions, interests and subcultures.
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5 Startups Altering The Financial Sector Using Quantum-Inspired Algorithms

Start-up development

It’s a harsh reality that any investment or security that you have is subject to systematic risk, that’s just the nature of the financial world, with mispricing — causing a divergence between the market price of a security and the fundamental value of that security — a guilty party quite often. This is brought about by the world we now live in, information-heavy, with masses of unstructured data sets and with an infinite number of possible outcomes.

Luckily, there are now methods in place that can combat some of these difficulties and, with any luck, bring the investor a healthy return on their investment.

And it comes in the form of Al-driven, quantum-inspired solutions fuelled by state-of-the-art processors that are able to leverage the unique attributes of quantum physics to solve some of the most, up to now, unsolvable problems, with a handful of startups at the forefront of it.

These include Adaptive Finance Technologies, QuantFi and Zapata Computing which, to a greater or lesser degree, have their own unique approach to investment strategies in the global markets in securities pricing, portfolio optimization, equities, derivatives and the like.

We’ll look now, just at a handful of these whose data readers will be able to find on TQD’s very own data platform, The Quantum Insider (TQI), starting off with the three already mentioned before moving on:

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