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Prestashop Alternatives in 2020: Top eCommerce Platforms

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Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform for your store? Well, this is such an important and big decision as this decides the future of your business. There are various eCommerce platforms and Prestashop is also one of them.

If you are aware of Prestashop and want to switch to other options then this blog is going to help you with good alternatives. Before you jump to other eCommerce platforms, let’s have a look at the market popularity of the Prestashop. Have a look at the below-given graph by Similar Tech which shows the market popularity of the Prestashop.


Without stretching too much time, let’s move towards the best alternatives. Let’s have a look at them:
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PHP Best Practices to Follow in 2020

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Web development trends seem to be heading more towards server-side scripting languages over client-side scripting languages. And it can be difficult to decide where to start and what to choose.

This year W3techs.com, a web technology survey portal, released a list of the five most in-demand server-side programming languages for web development.

Here is the list:
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5 Top Software Development Companies in the USA For Retail Startups

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PIM software or product information management represents a solution for e-commerce businesses where they can consolidate all of their product information into a single place.

PIM software implementations generally provide support for challenges related to:

  • Handling multi-language data
  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Modification of product information within a product catalog
  • Managing product information to be scattered throughout business processes

While PIM software handles most of the e-commerce challenges, it also works as an efficient tool that powers – omnichannel experience, product expansion to new markets, increased conversion rates, superior customer experiences, decreasing the number of product returns, and faster time-to-market.

In general, product information management or PIM software is a set of business applications focused on managing product information for use across an e-commerce business from the supply chain to managing customers, product presentation, data handling, and catalog management.
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UX Tips for Designing an Online Digital Product Store

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The future of business is digital. E-commerce business is gaining popularity with more and more people getting comfortable buying things online. While there are many factors that define the success of an E-commerce business, a major factor is E-Commerce UX, which refers to the overall experience of a user while shopping through an E-commerce platform. For the user experience to be enjoyable, it has to be personalized, relevant, and seamless. Hence there is a need to understand the target audience- their age, culture, level of tech literacy, channels they use, and their trust to online shopping. E-commerce UX should be data-driven, customer-driven, and user-centered. It should be built on research and validation. The main factors that influence the success of an E-commerce business are the quality of the product or service offered, how it is presented to the customer and how approachable is the design of the electronic platform through which sales are being done.
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Top 10 eCommerce Platforms to Boost Business Productivity in 2021

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An eCommerce platform empowers startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to manage multiple online business processes such as website, marketing, sales, and operations.

The top eCommerce platforms handle online business tasks efficiently, and this finally helps enterprises in expanding their productivity.

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Как мы запускали eCommerce-платформу Virto Commerce в режиме serverless на Azure Functions

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Если вы интересуетесь serverless computing (бессерверными вычислениями), наверняка видели публикации с примерами запуска небольших приложений или MVP на Azure Functions или AWS Lambda. А можно ли запустить в serverless коммерческую платформу B2B электронной торговли Virto Commerce, написанную на .NET Core? Ответ положительный, но есть и нюансы.

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Как мы решили выпускать собственный продукт через CustDev и у нас получилось

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В развитии крупных компаний-аутсорсеров наступает момент, когда они уже обросли опытом и компетенциями и хочется куда-то все эти «накопления» инвестировать.

Меня зовут Екатерина. Я – аналитик, специалист по продвижению компании ИНТЕРВОЛГА. Сегодня я расскажу, как мы решили разрабатывать внутренний продукт, по какому направлению пошли и что это дало.

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