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Flutter: The Best Cross-Platform Framework For App Development with Top Flutter Companies

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The obsession of being an entrepreneur is increasing these days, and with the rapidly evolving market, it has become daunting for all-level enterprises and businesses to have both websites and mobile applications to survive in this cut-throat competitive market. The days are left far behind when the businesses with only high revenue used to have space in Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App Store.

Research shows that there are 2.8 million apps available in the Google play store, and around 2.2 million apps exist in the Apple app store. This clearly reflects that mobile app development has become an urgent need for the business of all domains either they are of large or small size.
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Flutter 1.22 Launched: Will it be a Gain or Pain for Businesses?

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Flutter with extensive support from iOS 14 and Android 11 released its newest version 1.22 in October last year. The release is primarily meant to focus on the fact that Android 11 and iOS 14 works great with Flutter.

Businesses are still in a dilemma to choose the best cross-platform framework between Flutter and React Native. But with the release of Flutter 1.22, they have realized that Flutter must be the top pick for them as well as the developers because it supports the new mobile OS versions.

The new version comes packed with iOS 14, Android 11, new i18, and l10n support. While these were the OS supports, there is much more it has to offer which includes Google Maps, WebView Plugins, a new app size tool, etc.

While the race to choose the best framework will continue to exist, here we will see how the Flutter 1.22 launch will be a boon for the businesses out there?
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Flitter Your Business With AI Integrated Flutter App Development

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As we all are aware of the fact that the digital market is heavily leaning towards a reliable UX-driven process, app development has become quite complex, especially for targeting the industry for mobile platforms.

For every organization, creating a product that is beneficial for their customer needs always comes up with a plethora of challenges. 

From the technical point of time, there are various challenges that every business faces, including selecting the right platform for the app, the right technology stack or framework, and creating an app that fulfills the needs and expectations of customers.  

Similarly, there are more challenges that every business faces and needs to cope with while creating its dream product. 

So, what to do??

Well, what if I say that the answer to all your queries and questions is Flutter app development with Artificial Intelligence (AI)  integration……

Surprised? Wondering how? 

Well, AI in Flutter app development is one of the best advancements in the software market. The concept of AI was first introduced during the 20th century with loads of innovations and advancements that we are still integrating into our mobile app development. 

But, what are Artificial Intelligence and Flutter app development? 

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