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Hypercube: делает веб-виджеты доступными на десктопах

Софтверная компания Mesa Dynamics запустила ознакомительную альфа-версию Amnesty Hypercube (версия для Mac; версия для Windows)— свою универсальную платформу виджетов.

Эта платформа даёт пользователям возможность импортировать и собирать виджеты из Сети и использовать их на десктопе, а не в веб-браузере. По одному клику виджет будет включён в боковую панель Hypercube и отобразится на рабочем столе.
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Hypercube. How we gave developers test devices without losing any

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You can’t properly test and debug mobile apps without test devices, which there should be plenty of considering how the same code may behave differently on different models. So how do we keep track of these devices? How do we quickly provide developers and testers with the smartphones they need, configured the way they need, and without much red tape?

I’m Alexey Lavrenuke. Over the years, I’ve worn many hats: one of the authors behind Yandex.Tank, a speaker on load testing, and the guy who calculated energy consumption by mobile phones. Now I’m a Yandex.Rover developer on the self-driving car team.

After the phones and before Yandex.Rover, there was Hypercube.

A few years ago, the head of mobile development popped in to the load testing department and mentioned a problem they were having with test devices: phones had a tendency to inexplicably migrate from one desk to another. Picking the right device and then finding it had become a challenge. We already experienced working with mobile devices from building a digital ammeter to calculate energy consumption, so we decided to help our coworkers out and quickly rig up a handy contraption. We figured the whole thing wouldn’t take more than three months. Oh how wrong we were. Let me tell you what we were really in for.

''Dallas cube''
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