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Подборка полезных ссылок по OpenShift 4.5, книга Kubernetes Operators и вебинар про Container Storage

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Полезные ссылки на живые мероприятия, видео, митапы, техтолки и книги – ниже в нашем еженедельном посте.
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Simple rest based kogito microservice with several embedded pmml models

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In previous post I've described an example of kogito-based microservice on quarkus in native mode, containing one embedded pmml model with decision tree. While it can be successfully used for prototyping purposes, in the real life microservice might contain several prediction models. From the first view I've got an impression, that inclusion of several models should be a trivial extension of the prototype with one model. We were completely wrong in our assumption, that's the reason, why I've decided to write this post. Another reason, is absence of guides, in which 2 (or more models) are put inside DMN diagrams in kogito framework.

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