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Writing The Matrix in Python: easy guide

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Programming textbooks usually do not indulge us with variety of examples. In most manuals, exercises are similar to each other and not particularly interesting: create another address book, draw a circle using turtle, develop a website for a store selling some kind of "necessary" advertising nonsense. Too far from the authentic imitation of "The Matrix". Although…

How about taking over the control and starting to invent exercises yourself?

Would you like to write your own personal little "Matrix"? Of course, not the one with skyscrapers, stylish phones of the time, and the ubiquitous invincible Agent Smiths. We will need a couple of more months of learning for that. But any beginner programmer can write a model of the cult splash screensaver with the green streams of digits flowing down the screen. Let's try to creat it in the "great and mighty" Python.

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