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Безопасность IoT. Выпуск 1. Умные часы, фитнес-трекеры и весы

Перспективный мониторинг corporate blog Information Security *Development of mobile applications *IOT

В своей прошлой статье я рассказывал, как съездил на DefCamp. Сегодняшняя статья — первая часть публикации о моих исследованиях в области безопасности интернета вещей, которые легли в основу выступления на конференции.

IoT быстро развивается: сейчас насчитывается более 260 компаний, включая «умные» города, заводы, шахты, нефтяные предприятия, предприятия розничной торговли, здравоохранение, образование и многое другое. В цикле публикаций будут освещены только направления носимой техники, умной медицины и умного дома, включая мобильные приложения.

Сегодня умная техника начинает обретать больший смысл, нежели подключение Bluetooth-гарнитуры к телефону, и становится обычным явлением, что говорит о понимании, с какой целью умная техника используется и какие сценарии позволяет автоматизировать.

Плохая новость — многие из этих новых устройств являются мишенями для атак. При этом вопросы безопасности или же решались задним числом или не решались вообще из-за отсутствия поддержки старых устройств. Подобные устройства представляют серьёзный риск для инфраструктуры (домашней или предприятия), если ими не управлять должным образом. Поэтому ниже рассмотрим, ряд вопросов, связанных с безопасностью умных вещей, доступными методами и инструментами взлома, а также особенностями обработки и защиты данных. Целью исследований является не выполнение или описание методик «взлома под ключ», а обзор подходов, которые в тех или иных условиях могут привести к доступу к данным, а также обзор ситуаций, где разработчики по какой-то причине решили не защищать пользовательские данные. Материалы представлены обзорно (полную информацию можно найти на официальном сайте.
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Безопасность IoT. Выпуск 2. Умный дом

Перспективный мониторинг corporate blog Information Security *Development of mobile applications *IOT

Умный дом представлен широком набором устройством. Во второй части цикла публикаций о безопасности IoT будут рассмотрены умные ТВ приставки, умная кухня, голосовые помощники и освещение. Ссылка на 1 часть.
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Improve your mobile application using machine learning technology

Development of mobile applications *Machine learning *
Today, even mobile application developing company has begun to consolidate ML related to other cutting edge technologies, for example, AI and predictive analysis. This is on the grounds that ML empowers mobile applications to learn, adjust, and improve after some time.

It’s an incredible accomplishment when you consider the way that changes requested an express order from designers for gadgets to execute a particular activity. At the point when this was the standard, software engineers needed to estimate and record for each conceivable situation (and this was a fantastic test).

Be that as it may, with ML in portable applications, we have removed the speculating game from the condition. It can likewise upgrade User Experience (UX) by understanding client conduct. So you can wager that ML in versatile won’t be restricted to voice associates and chatbots.
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Grow Your Revenue Using In-app Purchases

Development of mobile applications *Mobile applications monetization *Mobile App Analytics *
In 2019, things are going to shake up particularly with regards to in-app purchases and the best approach. In the event that you are eyeing to procure great income from these administrations, at that point you should look at the tips underneath.

Introduce Timely Discounts

Given the relentless challenge in the Mobile app world, it is significant that you venture up your game. One of the techniques that you can actualize is having constrained time offers. In doing this, you get the chance to publicity the item or administrations among versatile app clients. The time factor is likewise vital as you don't wish to overstretch the markdown offers.

Besides, you have to bring on board mastery to enable you to think in transit forward with regards to the limits. Keep in mind, you should be strategic in request to gain more income and clients.

Adventure into Partnerships

It is anything but difficult to fly solo with regards to Mobile apps however you can't neglect the need accomplices. As you advance your items and administrations, it is significant that liaise with substances that can support your incomes.

In any case, picking the best corporate to connect with is no stroll in the recreation center. You will be required to investigate how their items/administrations can enable you to manufacture your image. Under this, you may have joint effort between an application for wearable emergency clinic gadgets and social insurance association. The outcome will be an increase in the number of clients accessing the in-app purchases.

Besides this, you may pick to package together at least two items under your image when pushing the in-app purchases.
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Security of mobile OAuth 2.0

VK corporate blog Information Security *Development of mobile applications *

Popularity of mobile applications continues to grow. So does OAuth 2.0 protocol on mobile apps. It's not enough to implement standard as is to make OAuth 2.0 protocol secure there. One needs to consider the specifics of mobile applications and apply some additional security mechanisms.

In this article, I want to share the concepts of mobile OAuth 2.0 attacks and security mechanisms used to prevent such issues. Described concepts are not new but there is a lack of the structured information on this topic. The main aim of the article is to fill this gap.
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TOP-23 Language Learning Apps

Learning languages
There are hundreds of language learning apps and hundreds of reviews and comparisons. Actually most of the comparisons are about the same programs. Are the apps really helpful or this is only ad and marketing? Yes, and Yes.

I have been studying English using various methods and resources over five years. Language learning is not my greatest talent but I have achieved B2 level (from A2) using only my smartphone and PC. I found a set of features that really helps you study a foreign language. Some of them are crucial, others are just useful. Under the cut you will find a rating of the language learning apps that I composed by analyzing these features, As Objective As Possible.
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Kotlin: How It Is A Great Choice For Android App Development?

Java *Development for Android *Kotlin *Mobile applications design *

In 2017, Google declared Kotlin as its second official language for Android application development. The language itself proving to be a modern, intuitive and pragmatic programming language. That’s why Kotlin's app development community is growing at a fast pace. For android app developers, using Kotlin with Java can reduce excessive boilerplate code which is a huge win for them.

In order to heighten productivity, Kotlin language comes with amazing functional features that support Java interoperability. It has effectively improved the coding experience of developers by introducing concise expressions, abstractions, and improved syntax.
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