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Developing a symbolic-expression library with C#. Differentiation, simplification, equation solving and many more

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[UPD from 12.06.2021: if you're looking for a symbolic algebra library, AngouriMath is actively developed. It's on Github and has a website. Discord for questions]

Why does programming a calculator seem to be a task, which every beginner undertakes? History might have the answer — computers were created for this exact purpose. Unlike the beginners, we will develop a smart calculator, which, although won't reach the complexity of SymPy, will be able to perform such algebraic operations as differentiation, simplification, and equations solving, will have built-in latex support, and have implemented features such as compilation to speed up the computations.

What are the articles about?
It will superficially tell about assembling an expression, parsing from a string, variable substitution, analytic derivative, equation numerical solving, and definite integration, rendering to LaTeX format, complex numbers, compiling functions, simplifying, expanding brackets, and blah blah blah.
For those who urgently need to clone something, repository link.

Let's do it!
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