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Skype вводит новые тарифы и плату за соединение

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Новые тарифные планы Skype Pro вступят в действие в самое ближайшее время (точные сроки не указаны). Тарифы предусматривают абонентскую плату размером ?2 в месяц за звонки внутри страны, а в качестве бонуса предлагают более низкие тарифы на международную связь.
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Dvicecast #1 (бывший Radio-U)

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DO-RA: Preparing for Industrial Production

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1. Transporting prototypes

The idea of the DO-RA project originated in March 2011 after a nuclear disaster on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. This gadget was conceived as a personal dosimeter/radiometer working with eponymous software (DO-RA.Soft) on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP) as well as on desktop platforms—Windows/Linux/MacOS.

At the end of 2017, a tourist from China brought in his backpack ten long-awaited prototypes from the DO-RA.Q test batch. They were manufactured in China based on our design documents and then transported from Shenzhen to Moscow. By the way, the development of design documents was assigned to the largest Design Centre in Eastern Europe—the PROMWAD company. The documents were clear and plain—prepared in IPC format and written in proper English—to enable the automated production of electronic devices in a foreign country.
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