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Facebook уволил редакторов — и алгоритм пошёл вразнос

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Модуль подбора «Популярных новостей» в новостной ленте Facebook работает очень хитро. «Список тем персонализируется на основе разных факторов, включая ваши отметки «Нравится» для Страниц, ваше местонахождение и те новости, которые популярны по всему сайту Facebook», — сказано в справочном центре. На сегодняшний день раздел «Популярное» со списком популярных тем (Trending Topics) доступен только на английском языке в некоторых странах.

Исторически, в Facebook работал отдел редакторов, который модерировал список популярных новостей, потому что в социальной сети нередко распространяются вирусные и фейковые новости с непроверенными источниками. Редакторы удаляли фейки и добавляли в список материалы из надёжных источников. Предполагалось, что выбор редакторов в том числе поможет обучать алгоритм. Человеческая модерация не вызывала особых претензий, пока в США не началась избирательная кампания перед президентскими выборами. И на сцену не вышел известный политик — идеальный генератор вирусных новостей.
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Most Popular Computer Problems We Are Facing Everyday

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In today’s contemporary world the private computer has become a staple of daily life.
Even those few persons who don't use computers in their daily work life can possibly have access to a computer on that they perform alternative necessary tasks.

With all of the access to info that computers permit and with all of the work they will facilitate a personal perform, this trend of a computer in every home and in each workplace of business isn't shocking.

But what may be shocking, and downright aggravating, is when the computer you are working on suddenly shuts off, goes blank, or explodes in the dreaded blue screen of death.

These and other common computer problems are among the most frequently occurring issues that one might experience with their computers.

The following may be a list of 5 common Computer issues and what may be done to mend them.
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Internet of Things (IoT) is going to Change the World. Future of IoT

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For the past two years, there’s been a lot of buzzing about the Internet of Things (IoT). This has to lead to the rapid selection of connected devices over industries and is determined to pass the 11 billion mark by the end of the year. Major Companies including IoT software development as their major services.

All these “things” are now creating their things, namely, lots and lots of data. This data will be at the core of commercial and industrial digital transformation (which is essentially the underlying force behind the fourth industrial revolution).

In other words, life as we know it is about to change forever! How is it going to change? Let’s take a look.

1. AI (Artifical Intelligence) can Effectively Manage Oceans of information

We can’t talk about IoT without AI as the latter has the power to make IoT a whole lot smarter and more efficient.

In fact, consultants believe that AI is the brains behind IoT systems that may facilitate build them run power tool.

For example, as more and more connected devices start communicating with each other, enterprises will need to leverage deep learning, image recognition, natural language processes, and neural-network driven decisions to help them understand each other (and us humans) better.

So far, we can say that IoT has felt like an isolated experience where it was just about simple data. Going forward, businesses will strive to achieve highly integrated experiences by using AI to better understand their employees, customers, and the general public living in smart cities.
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