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Here are the Most Popular Video Conference APIs To be Considered for your Mobile App

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As the world rearranges into virtualized societal norms, the most convenient and simplified interaction for businesses or socially has come from video-based apps. Extensive use of these conferencing apps is trending Post COVID-19 pandemic.
Statista.com has tracked the high number of video conference app downloads from AppStore and GoogleStore for the following
Video conferencing App / Country Hangouts Meet Houseparty Ms Teams Zoom
USA 30 8 11 4
France 23 30 16 2
Germany 15 26 11 17
Spain 64 2360 15 27
Italy 140 423 30 55

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How in-app chats help e-learning platforms to be more interactive?

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e-Learning is an extension of/ alternative to a traditional classroom setup. e-learning, commonly known as ‘online learning’ or ‘virtual learning’ is ideally a one-way or two-way digital communication established on a device with video and voice call integration using internet access. The last two years made us realize how technology can facilitate and improve communication. Digital technology had its impact in almost every industry including the sensitive education sector.

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